Good weekend to all! Enjoy to study.

April 12, 2013

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ok. thank you. now, after class, I am going to drink beer

It's important, dude! Beer will save the world!

Have a nice weekend, guys. Don't forget to study a little bit.

i am a girl.... adoreiii

Good weekend to you.

Saturday night at home .. I'm studying English .. guys won!

Guys, let's study! It is very important to us ...

I have been studying English every day. I am not young, so I have to study more than young people. rsrsrsrs

u're good at it

But it is never too late to learn. Good studies!

Thanks, Agostinha. I hope all of you have a nice weekend too.

Guys are studying?

i am, english and french

Hi! good afternoon.

How going the study?


Very good! And you?

Now we must said good week

Good night Agostinha my name is Agostinho I would like to study with you.Thank you.

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