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Hindi Script not displaying correctly

I have been using my computer for Hindi lessons for a couple weeks now and all of a sudden the script in the answer boxes is not displaying correctly. It's as if the top of the letters is missing. I have tried Chrome, Firefox and Explorer and the same thing happens on all of them. I can still do the lessons on my phone's app as they display correctly there. Has anyone run into this issue? How can I fix it!? Thanks!

May 11, 2019



I am also seeing this issue. Seems like a sizing issue. If you zoom way in, you can see the little stubs at the top where text is getting cut off.

For those with a little bit of technical skills, I've found a way to work around the issue.

In Chrome, right click on the text box with the bad display and select "Inspect". In the window that pops up, look for a line that says "overflow: hidden" If you uncheck this box, the top of the characters will show.


I can confirm that this solution works. However if you reload the website at any point you will need to uncheck the box again.


I also find the top part that is vowel signs are missing


I have the same problem. It suddenly started (I could use the website for months without this problem), so I guess it is a problem with the webpage.


Same for me. Both in input fields and when displayed on the screen. Mainly ु and ू (u and U) are rendered on top of the level instead of on the bottom. I only see this on Duolingo in Firefox. Not in Chrome.


Word Duolingo question text or input Address bar
चुनें displayed actual
तुम्हारा displayed actual
कुत्ता displayed actual

This started two weeks ago or so for me.


Since I installed some Hindi Fonts I don't have this problem anymore.


On Android phone the problem is that the vowel marks are not above the consonants, but next to them, over a small bubble. (Doesn't matter how large or small the font is, they will always do it.)

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