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  5. "bInongbe' SoH."

"bInongbe' SoH."

Translation:You are not passionate.

May 11, 2019



Just to check: "bInongbe'" by itself can also mean "You are not passionate", but the "SoH" can be added for emphasis: "You are not passionate, you"? But "nongbe' SoH" without the "bI-" would be incorrect?


That's all correct!


Awesome, thanks! Getting there...slowly...


There are a couple of different things that TKD calls emphasis.

bInongbe' SoH is the sort that makes it very clear that I'm talking about SoH.

bInongbe' SoH'e' is the sort that tells the listener that the sentence is all about SoH.


I don't understand the difference?


The first one might be used if - you - were - speaking - very - slowly. Maybe your listener didn't understand you the first time and you're repeating yourself. It's the same as why someone speaking Spanish would say the in tú no eres apasionado instead of just no eres apasionado.

The second is making it clear that you're focusing especially on the topicalized word. bInongbe' SoH'e' means something like You, as opposed to someone else, are not passionate or As for you, you are not passionate.

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