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Hello :) Who are you?

Oi !! tudo bem com voces? Vamos treinar nossa escrita? :)

Hi. I am Vanessa and I am 24 years old, brazilian. I am learning English. I love plants, flowers and animals. I have turkeys and small chickens and I love them so much. I am apassionate about romantics books :) And I am so close to my family!! And you? Who are you? :) I would love to know more about you in the comments bellow. You can tell me your name, where are you from, what are your hobbies, anything you want to write !!

Vocês podem corrigir meus erros, e vamos um ajudar ao outro!!


May 11, 2019

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Hi, Vanessa. I'm Daniela, but you can call me Dani. I am 22 years old and I live in Bahia, Salvador. I love listening to music, playing videogames, travelling, going to the gym, watch TV shows and read books. I study Psychology in college and I am graduating in the end of this year. (finally! - cause I've been studying for four years and a half). What do you do?

See you.


Hey Dani! Nice to meet you!! Salvador is so beautiful!! Psycology is awesome, soon you are graduated! Congrats!!! And for now I'm just at home hahah, doing nothing interesting :P


Hi. I am Rayckson and I am 27 years old. I like to study languages at house - English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. I love books, movies and soccer (I'm Flamengo haha). Oh, and I study languages in college. I live in Ceará. How are you?

See you later.


Hello Rayckson! Nice to meet you! How cool! Languages are very good and studying languages at home requires a lot of willingness to learn !! Yasss books are really cool, movies too, now football does not attract me hahaha. Ceará is a beautiful place! I live in Minas Gerais! I'm good, thanks and you?


Hi. I'm Gilberto and I'm 36 years old, Brazilian. I'm learning English. I love plants, flowers and animals everything that has aver with nature. I have small parakeets and puppies and I love them very much. I'm in love with romantic books, comedy and fiction, I really like my family. I like meeting new people, etc.


Hello Gilberto! Nice to meet you!! Really? We like almost the same things hehe, parakeets are sooo cute, puppies too. And family are the best, so much love. Meeting new people are awesome!!

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