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The new system

I don't like the way DuoLingo is behaving now. Before, I could see when I didn't get all of the answers correct, and go back and repeat sections. Now, it's automatically showing that I've "mastered" a section, when I clearly haven't and I feel like I'm being rushed forward before I'm truly ready. For example, I used to see only 2-3 hearts out of 4 if I didn't pass, and would know to repeat that section until I could easily get 4 hearts. Now it just shows a bar and I can't keep track as easily of what I need to work on. Please fix it!

April 12, 2013



I agree. Seems they try to satisfy every lazy person complaining that this is too hard. Well, duh! It's a new language, of course it will be hard, and making it too easy will only hurt their learning process. So yeah, Duolingo should not be too easy or too rewarding unless we really deserve it.


I was also feeling a certain way about not seeing my heart score from the lesson pages, but after some time with the new system I really like. Review systems have been proven very effective when learning something new (in other knowledge areas), and the old system simply didn't have this built in. I could master a lesson with four hearts, and I would never have a reason to go back.

Now the system tells me when I have items that I haven't touched in a bit. If I truly want my skill tree to look like I'm mastering it I have to take the time to review old units. I've seen how effective this can be, because one of the first units to decay on my tree was something I had "mastered" long ago, but when I went back I actually FAILED the first time! So much for those shiny four hearts I got on the unit months ago - they meant nothing in the long run because I never went back to refresh the knowledge.

The heart system was just saying, "Hey, can you jump this high this one time?", but with the new system you have to continuously make your jumps as they come back up for review time. I think in the long run it's going to have a more beneficial effect on our learning.


In my opinion the new review scheme is better. It exposes vocabulary decay that the previous system didn´t account for. It doesn´t mix translation work with vocabulary building. It rewards incrementally, with greater rewards coming from greater mastery. I think it´s great. Or ... is there a new version that not all of us are experiencing?


New system is better, you're forced to continually practice the material, it's less appealing at first but probably more useful over time.

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