Arabic Word of the Day 19#

*Hello students! ;p Today I'm giving you homework! JK ha no don't worry... Today we're going change the words for family members into our family members so "my dad" instead of just "dad", so let's go:

*Now there's a simple rule in Arabic to make something yours: "Just add (ي) "ee" to the end of the word". Simple isn't it? So let me show you, but obviously, there has to be the annoying "e - word"... exceptions ... but there is, in fact, a rule for them so no worries, first let me show you the words that follow the rule:

*أم -> أمي "Um -> Umee" - so when we want to say "my mum" we just say "umee"

*أب -> أبي "Ab -> Abee" - so "abee" is 'my dad'

*أخ -> أخي "Akh -> Akhee" - so "akee" is 'my brother'

*أخت -> أختي "Ukht -> Ukhtee" - yep, you've got it now "ukhtee" is 'my sister'

*جد -> جدي "Jad -> Jad'ee" - my granddad

*خال -> خالي "Khaal -> Khaalee" - my uncle (mother's brother)

*(عم -> عمي ) "3am -> 3amee" - my uncle (dad's brother)

*ابن -> إبني "Ibn -> Ibnee" - my son

*زوج -> زوجي "Zawj -> Zawjee" - my husband

*Now to the "thug - life" words that don't follow the rule:

*جدة -> جدتي "Jad'da -> Jad'datee" - 'My grandmother' is "Jad'atee"

*خالة -> خالتي "Khaala -> Khaalatee" - My auntie (mother's sister)

*(عمة -> عمتي ) "3am'ma -> 3am'matee" - My auntie (father's sister)

*ابنة -> إبنتي "Ibna -> Ibnatee" - My daughter

*زوجة -> زوجتي "Zawja -> Zawjatee" - My wife

*So, you may have noticed that all the thug life words are all used for females. No, it's not sexism XD. Basically, as you may already know, to make a masculine word feminine, you add the SOUND "a" at the end of the word. The SOUND "a" at the END of a word is represented with this letter (ة) which is at the end of every single thug word above. This letter is a silent version of the letter (ت) "Taa" , and by looking at the letter (ت) they look alike, only one is a circle with two dots above it, and one is a "canoe" with two dots above it. The name used for the silent version is "Taa marboota" and "marboota" means "tied". So if you look at (ت) and you tie up the ends of the "canoe" you get (ة). Imaginative huh?

*So this is why we add "tee" to the endings of these thug words to make it ours. Simply, they all end in a silent 't' so when you add "ee" to the end, it is no longer silent as it isn't at the end of the word. Ok? (feel free to ask for a better explanation, I won't get offended)

*Oh yeah I forgot an important word: صديق "S^adeeq^" becomes صديقي "S^adeeq^ee". If they are a girl: صديقة "S^adeeq^a" ends with a silent 't' so it becomes... Yep!: صديقتي "S^adeeq^atee".

*Thanks for reading this essay, any Qs, Pr and suggestions... Feel free to comment below! Have a Great Day أصدقائي ! ;D

May 11, 2019


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When you said, Homework i was like -__-, wow even our Arabic teacher give us online homework! Thanks GOD!!

JK, nice post again, learned new stuff and maybe next lesson we can learn about basic colours!

May 11, 2019

Lol I'd just link you guys my hmwk for you to do XD ...

Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already done a post on colours remember? 5# []

May 12, 2019

Well done!

May 11, 2019

Thx ;)

May 12, 2019
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