"How much is the entrance fee?"

Translation:ʻEhia kālā ke kāki komo?

May 11, 2019

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I wrote "ʻEhia kālā no ke kāki komo?" Would that have been right for "How much for the entrance fee"?


Yes, yours should have been marked correct.


I wrote the same thing and got marked incorrect.


Can someone please explain why it wouldn't be "'Ehia kala i ke kaki komo"? I am getting confused as to when to put the "i" before ke/ka and when not to


You don't use "i" before the subject. "I" is an object marker.


I have used an online Hawaiian dictionary, and I have two print versions as well, and I find "uku komo" listed as the translation of "entrance fee." I have run into this as well with a few other words or phrases--are we dealing with different dialects, or has the language undergone some type of official revision? Many languages have multiple ways to express the same concept, and I find this a bit confusing.


I wrote their exact clues and got dinged. Doesn't accept "no" even tho the clue says so. 9-27-21

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