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StudyPact - a new (great) way to motivate to study

I was having a tough time lately, after losing my 180 day streak i kind of lost my motivation. Two weeks ago by an accident i came across StudyPact app in android play store. It works perfectly with Duolingo and that's why i am writing about it here.

This application (currently on android only, www and iOS are under development) is about making well ... a pact - a bet. You are choosing how many hours you want to study and how much will you pay for every missed hour. Simple as that. If you will deal with the set amount of hours you will even get some money for it :D (Money from people who lose their bet it being shared between "winners") .

You can choose many apps to study with such as Duolingo, Anki or Memrise.

I just want to point out that i am not connected with StudyPact anyhow, i just find it to be a great way to keep myself motivated as i don't want to lose my money :D.

I wish you all finished pacts! Staszek


June 1, 2014



Thanks! I hope they get this thing out for Firefox and iPhone soon.


I don't exactly want to lose real money, just because I was out somewhere for the day


I would love to win money through studying though.


And you can. Check the site for more info


timer resets weekly not daily - it's hours per week


It is certainly more motivating though, is it not? c:


And now I'm excited too. I need to see if my money will make me learn German ;)


I definitely like the idea of this! I have to question whether they'll get enough people messing up to really make it worthwhile for all of the successful people. Not to mention that even if it does work for a while, surely for the most part those who can't stick to it will drop away, while those who can stay on and split the payout more and more... We'll see, I guess!

I immediately went for the top pledge and maximum hours (both of which seem terribly small - I'd never have trouble hitting 5 hours a week), so let's see what that ends up being worth. :P I suppose even if it were pennies, I'd literally be using the supported apps for at least 5 hours a week anyway, so I might as well get pennies for it too :)


i've got 1.60$ for betting 2 hours per 10 $ just so you know how it is with money


sounds like fun.... you can keep your streak if pay some lingots. I travel and sometimes no Internet. 10 for one day. I'm not really sure how it works.

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