"My maternal grandmother has an older sister."

Translation:Shimasaní ádí bee hólǫ́.

May 12, 2019

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Hints in this language are very misleading and non existent


I get lazy, how bad is "shimasani adi bee holo"?


Since "bee", postposition, means "with" & hólǫ́ means "exist" ...a literal translation for "Shimasaní ádí bee hólǫ́" would be: "My maternal grandmother exists with an older sister," right?


is there a typo perhaps in your link? I'm getting and error message I tried navajoword.com and that didn't work either.


It's the older sister that's doing the existing.

I'd say it's more like "My maternal grandmother, an older sister with/by her exists." Or "by/with my maternal grandmother, an older sister exists."

Another way to word this sentence (that I think is more common) is: Shimasaní bádí hólǫ́, which translates to "My maternal grandmother, her older sister exists.)


THAT'S AN 'O'??!?? Wow, up til just now I thought the word was: holQ. Did not realize it was a highly stylized 'O'!


Heh, yeah, it's an O with a nasal mark under it and a high tone over it. Any vowel can get either or both of those marks.

Be aware of the slashed L, too, which in lower case forms looks like a t with the horizontal line tilted, but sounds nothing at all like a T.


Thats so confusing


My keyboard doesn't have the Q with the accent.


It's not a Q. It's an O with a nasal hook under it.

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