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Something interesting I learnt: "bee" and "hólǫ́"

Hi there! So I've seen a few people get confused about when to use bee and hólǫ́. I hope this will help.

From what I've learnt on https://navajowotd.com:

  • bee = with or by means of (him/her/it). For example, you can use it to say "He has an apple with him." So whenever you see a sentence with it, think of it as "with or by means of (him/her/it). Hope that helps :D https://navajowotd.com/word/bee/

  • hólǫ́ = she/he/it exists; they two exist. So you can use it with "bee" to say "He has a mother". I hope that makes sense and helps you with your Navajo learning. :D https://navajowotd.com/word/likan/

Let me know if it helped! I've also added all the words taught in the Navajo course to the wikia. Feel free to take a look at the bottom of this page: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Navajo,_Navaho

May 12, 2019

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