Arabic Word of the Day 20#

Yesterday we went through how to say our family members, so today we're gonna go through how we describe these members using adjectives, lets start:

  • (لطيف) = "Lat^eef" - Nice

*طيب = "T^ay'yib" - Kind

*كريم = "Kareem" - Another word for 'kind' + (also an Arabic name)

*بخيل = "Bakheel" - Stingy

*أناني = "Anaanee" - Selfish

*مضحك = "Mudh'h^ik" - Funny

*مرح = "Marih^" - Fun

*ممل = "Mumil" - Boring

*ذكي = "Thakee" - Clever - Here the 'th' sound is strong, like that of "this" in English.

*غبي = "Ghabee" - Stupid

*وسيم = "Waseem" - Handsome (boy only ) + (also an Arabic name)

*جميلة = "Jameela" - Beautiful (girl only)

*نشيط = "Nasheet^" - Active

*كسول = "Kasool" - Lazy

*رياضي = "Riyaadhee" - Sporty

*مجتهد = "Mujtahid" - Hard-working

*ثرثار = "Tharthaar" - Garrulous (chatty) - In English, the sound 'th' is often very strong. Here, the 'th' is like that of 'thick' - it is light.

*خجول = "Khajool" - Shy

*مزعج = "Muz3ij" - Annoying (best word to describe my siblings... after "ghabee" of course)

*So here's ya starter pack! Get repeating these over and over maybe pointing at family members which match the description to get these stuck in your head!

*NOTE: if the person you are describing is a girl, because of 2019 equality reasons, for every word above add the SOUND "a" at the end and you're done. Exceptions are: "jameela" (as it is already feminine), and "waseem" (it is only used to describe a boy).

*Thanks for reading my late post! Any Qs, Proof-reading or suggestions, feel free to comment below! Have a Nice Day my Friends! ;D

May 12, 2019


you didn't type "مساء الخير" HAH? ^^

May 12, 2019

0_0 Don't worry I've done it in my next one XD

May 13, 2019

Karim isn't kind, it's generous. Also (T^ayyib) and (Jamila) can be given names!

May 13, 2019

Isn't kind and generous the same kinda thing? I mean a kind person can be generous? After searching, nope it's not exactly the same! I'll change that, thanks a lot!

Oh I've never really heard of those names, I'll add them too thx now I have to give you double lingots! @_@ ;p

May 13, 2019

HAHAH thank you

There was a teacher in my old school named Jameeleh, and I know someone who his eldest son's name is Tayyib.

May 15, 2019

Thanks, this is a very useful list to have!

May 13, 2019

Cool another very useful list and a very unique list!

May 13, 2019
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