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why did you choose to learn Japanese?

I want to know why people choose Japanese. (I choose it because I am planning I trip to Japan!)

May 13, 2019


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I got really into it because of Anime and my long term goal is being able to understand them without having to pay attention to the subtitles. The more I got into the Japanese language I also got more and more interested in the culture which only increased my motivation to learn it asap. :D

May 13, 2019


The same reason I have


My mom is Japanese and says speaking English feels unnatural for her, so I want to learn Japanese for her


A lot of cute girls in my School are obsessed with Anime and so on.

I am not kidding,think of me what you want.


I respect that


Plot twist: You are actually one of them!


Sir. I'd be a Mrs. then, Have a nice day.



It may not directly fit the context, but you get the idea dodo. How can we know you’re not a miss? How can I know you’re not an 82 year old lady from Taiwan who has 4 children, 18 grandchildren and an undying love for dodos?


I’m interested in hearing more, are you impressing them with your Japanese skills? Are they interested in learning Japanese, or are they merely anime fans (alias weebs)?

  1. theres certain places in Japan that may not have English speakers, and so to at least have an understanding of the basis of the language will help me
  2. I want to be more respectful. I feel like maybe taking the time to do at least know somethings will help me through Japan. (i'm just trying to get an understanding, not really be fluent)
  3. to bring up your other point, I have seen anime manga before but I want know more about the culture, as Japan is much more than that in my option
  4. to tell the truth, yes I do wanna impress people with knowing a another language. even though I only know a few phrases, its still really fun to show off! I hope that answers your question!

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    One of my goals has always been to visit japan, and south korea, so i'm trying to get to the point of at least being able to hold a conversation.


    aw thats cute im rooting for you!!

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      There are a few games I want to play which were never (and probably never will be) translated into another language.


      I am part Japanese so that played a large part in wanting to learn Japanese. I also wanted a challenge and I am interested in the culture.


      I simply looked interesting to me. I tried to pick up French originally, but for whatever reason I became bored and stopped. A couple of months later I tried again, but with Japanese, and soon became hooked!

      I'm finding the more I learn, the more I want to learn. I'll definitely be planning trip to Japan at some point too!


      I chose Japanese for a few reasons, none of them actually important. My first reason for wanting to learn was that as a kid, we would visit my Umeitai (Okinawan for "Grandmother") and I wouldn't be able to understand her well because of her accent. I learned from my mother that she knew Japanese because of the similarities to Okinawan, and I decided I'd learn Japanese someday to hopefully better communicate with her (She's still alive and well, just haven't visited her for some time). I chose Japanese instead of Okinawan because even as a kid I knew that there were millions more Japanese speakers than Okinawan, plus I honestly have never really wanted to visit Okinawa. Among other things, I loved Japanese food as well and learned a couple miniscule things about their culture (California roll sushi and inari are two of my favorite treats).

      Later in life, I came to learn more about Japanese culture, kinda got sucked into anime (But that wasn't ever really a reason to learn for me) and learned a few basic words either from shows or my mother as well (Konichiwa, or "Good Evening", Baka, or "Idiot", Hai, which was more of an acknowledgement or "Yes", nani, or the Japanese equivalent to "What?" and a few other small words that I still need to fully learn), and developed a dream of someday buying a one-way ticket to Japan for a while... Just kinda get lost until I hopefully understand the culture and language fully by being forced to learn and adapt. I know it will most likely not happen, but even so I still want to learn the language at the least. I began Duolingo maybe a week or two ago, had heard of it several times and finally got convinced to join because of a friend who was learning Spanish here. So yeah... Pretty anticlimactic story. Now I'm just trying to learn the Hiragana that way I can move on to grammar, structure, sentences and hopefully finally end up able to speak the language or understand it enough to learn it well, sorta like learning English by the alphabet and a few words, then gradually learning more complicated words and word forms as life goes on.


      And holy crap I didn't think I typed that much until I hit Post


      I heard some song that was in Japanese and was like, I kinda wanna learn this language.

      [deactivated user]

        Have you ever listened to Nujabes? They made some songs for samurai champloo, but their other songs are good too.

        There's also Hello Sleepwalkers, i think i found that one through Noragami.


        I wanted to learn another language while learning French and Japanese is a very different language. The idea is that I shouldn't get the two confused.


        I lived in Japan for awhile.


        I was forced into it. But then I discovered I love it, so no dramas.


        I want to learn Japanese because I feel like it would be really fun to watch anime without subtitles,write songs in Japanese, and scream random nonsense at people in Japanese.


        I can't scream random nonsense at people in Japanese because we have a lot of Japanese students here, so it's kind of like "oh"


        I want to watch anime without subtitles lol


        I always wanted to have a second language but I chose Japanese for many reasons. My primary motivator is a probable proffesional benefit. Typography would be very fun with kanji involved. Beyond that I've wanted a language with a different alphabet than what I was use to and I find the culture facinating. I think Japanese chose me more than I chose it.


        I've been interested in Japanese culture since I realized all the games and stuff I liked as a kid and teen were Japanese. I have some RPGs that are only available in Japanese and I would like to visit Japan at some point. If nothing else, my wife plans on running the Tokyo marathon, so we're going to end up there at some point regardless. Also, I took a bunch of French in high school and have tried out a few languages on Duolingo and Japanese is my favorite language I've tried learning. It's just a lot of fun!


        I became interested in Japanese because of my prior interest in linguistics. I wanted to study a difficult language that was strikingly different compared to English or other Romance languages, so I decided on Japanese. (Plus I thought Kanji looked cool)


        I have always loved Japanese culture, from the food to the street fashion. I also love anime, manga, and Nintendo, all three of which originate from Japan, and it'd be beneficial to understand them without English translations. I've always wanted to travel to Japan with my girlfriend and see the shops, festivals, performances, and resturaunts together. Plus, even though the writing and grammar is challenging, the pronouciation is simple and much easier to speak than a lot of other languages.

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          I grew up watching sub with Japanese subtitles and i wanted to know what it means (even though I'm new to it)


          Always wanted to learn Japanese. My family and I went to Japan in 2017 and loved it. We didn't speak Japanese, but the people in Tokyo were so friendly and helpful. We are going back in July of 2019 and I wanted to understand a little more Japanese now that I have some friends in Tokyo to visit.


          To watch anime without subs.


          To understand anime without dubbing or subtitles, and my friends make anime jokes :p


          i chose Japanese because i will go to japan when i'm older and wish to understand what people are saying!!!


          I once read Basho.


          I first started studying Japanese because I was doing martial arts and planned on living in Japan. Then I moved there and it made perfect sense to keep studying it. All in all it was a good move.


          Its a simple answer im a weeb and proud Love anime and just love japan its a beautiful culture!


          My boyfriend needs someone to learn it with and I wanted to learn another language that wasn't similar to Irish


          Videogames, I learned english and now I'm learning japanese so I don't miss any gem.


          I love Japanese online culture. Japanese appreciation of media, as well. I like things like emoticons, and their other internet slang like ~ and wwww. I like their fanart, and their videogames. I love their music more than anything, and I like their BL. The values of Japanese online culture, particularly women's media, has imparted many values onto me, so it's only natural that I learn the language to partake in this culture which has impacted me so much. And, I find myself very pleased in the thought structure of Japanese as well. It's just so much part of who I am that I just have to learn the language.


          It's mostly because of the music, I listen to tons of japanese music and it's impossible to find english translations for most of them. But I love their culture as well.


          Not really that into anime, but there are a ton of Japanese games I would love to play without having to worry if/when they will be localized.


          no lie i just wanna speak it and watch anime without subtitles srry


          I went on a trip to japan recently and completely fell in love. I was looking to start another language so I can take a break when I'm learning Spanish and Japanese seemed like a fun language to try that with! Plus I have a lot of friends who are Japanese, and I want to be able to come up to one of them one day and saying "Hi. My japanese is terrible, but this is fun"


          I'm planning on going too! Plus, I need a challenge!


          Personally, I watch alot of Anime and through watching Anime and seeing the country, I've just fallen in love with the country and culture. And im planning on moving there in the future


          I want to be able to talk to people I play with in online games during the night.


          I wanted to learn because I wanted to challenge myself. And the last 12 days have been fun since then, for the fact that when I play a game or read manga. I sometimes see some words I recognize from learning on here and feel happy about it.


          School forces me too.


          I love different writing systems. Before I wanted to learn japanese I was thinking of russian, but in the end I changed my mind, because I think, I'll gain more from learning japanese in a long run (I'm a big fan of animation and comics, so it will help me boarden my horizons to manga(I like reading physical volumes)).


          I did it because I’m a weeb. I’m kidding. I really did it because I love the culture and find anime and manga interesting and fun. I hope to visit Japan one day. It’s such a cool country. Should be fun to study the three alphabets! Also, I find languages such as these challenging, and I love challenges! Also I love anime openings and closings, along with other Japanese songs.


          Like most people I started learning it in high school because I liked anime and Japanese video games. I started to learn it again because knowing an Asian language is a great skill to have on a resume and just in general!


          My main goal is to visit one day as I am obsessed with the culture, but there are plenty of other reasons. One being I love to sing and I find myself nearly constantly wanting to sing Japanese songs. On top of this, a Japanese woman lives in my village and I'd love to have conversations with her; she's really nice!


          I wanted to do something a bit more useful with my free time and with my insatiable hunger for new information. SO I started learning German. I know a lot, studied it in school for 8 years. But, the fire is not there anymore. I don't like the language, it sounds harsh, it reminds me of high school style forced learning Then I tried to learn spanish, but somehow, it did not keep me interested, so I started with japanese, kind of like a joke, kind of like a macho self improvement - I can do it! One of the most difficult languages to learn, yea, should keep me busy for a while. Turns out, it's a lot of fun, year and a half in and enjoying it. Now my favourite part of the day is when I learn something new in japanese.

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          Because I have been to many countries, and the only one so far that made me truly feel like I've traveled into the future is Japan.

          I think this is because of the people and their culture, without which such an advanced society could not have been formed. I found the Japanese to be very orderly and efficient (maybe slightly more than the Germans, and that's saying something!) - they have strict rules which are respected, but at the same time they are a very respectful and friendly nation that keeps its traditions and places a lot of importance on stuff like honor. The language itself and its honorifics system is a reflection of that.

          Really, the only flaw of the Japanese that I can think of is that they sometimes struggle when it comes to thinking outside of the box, and they can be easily thrown off when something doesn't go according to plan or to their expectations. But this is also something that derives from their orderly, rule-governed outlook on things.


          I originally wanted to learn Japanese for anime. The dubbed animes always sounded weird so I liked watching the Japanese version with subtitles. The subtitles were almost never correct though, soI decided to learn it. Now, it's for a band. It's a kpop group, but the members speak Japanese too. Now, I am learning Japanese more for them than anime.


          There was once a game (and there still is, but I need that past tense for my very epic storytelling) called Doki Doki Literature Club. I played the game because of how mainstream it became, and seeing PewDiePie playing it also helped me recognize it. At the time, I didn’t have any interests in the Japanese language, Japan or anime and manga. I even had a low consideration of anime.

          But then, one girl changed it all...

          Her name was Yuri, and she is what I call “a cutie”. Because I think she’s cute. Amazing, I know. She has not much to do with Japan, but she has to do with language. Through her poems I got to like English more, and language in general. Since my interest in language had risen, I just thought to myself; “hey, since it’s an anime styled game, and I liked it a lot (I’m not sure if there’s need to mention I like Doki Doki Literature Club a lot), why won’t I try Japanese (on Duolingo) then”. When I started it, I thought I’d just learn a little and leave it. I remember even pondering whether or not I want to purchase Double or Nothing, because I didn’t think I’d do a strike bigger than 7 days. Well, I certainly did. I haven’t broken my streak since that day.

          It’s silly to think that I made so much progress with Japanese and improved in other languages as well only because of one cutie.



          To understand what they are saying in hentai. Also, to read Doujins.

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