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Errors this week in Hindi

I've had a few errors this week in Hindi that are stopping me from progressing. I thought I had the right answer but was marked wrong. I carefully copied down the right answer and entered in. It got marked wrong but the answer listed was exactly the same as what I had put down. This happened three times.

I can't remember which the other language was that this happened to but it happened the other day too.

Not sure what to do at this point. I can't finish the unit and progress. Is anyone actually fixing these bugs?

And they seem to be happening a lot this week.

I probably should drop a language here but I've been working on Hindi for a while.

Thanks Paul

May 13, 2019



Why type of question was this?


Oddly I just did the unit again and the question is gone. It was a really long sentence, I wrote down the hindi but not the English. It was rather more difficult than the ones before or after.

I have noticed also a couple of times where two of the answers are exactly the same.


The part about two of the answers being the same is probably due to a known display issue where some of the 'matra' vowel symbols at the top of letters are not being displayed. A fix will be out soon but until then you can get around the problem by zooming in.

As to the other issue, I don't know what it could be. Can you take a screenshot if you encounter the sentence again?


A workaround for the matra vowel symbols was posted in this discussion. I was able to fix it with their instructions.


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