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Hello, fellow mods. Hope you see this. Btw, does the "@" sign also works here, as in facebook?

Anyway, I decided to create this discussion so that we all can discuss some issues among ourselves and hopefully get some feedback and answers from the staff.

I'll start: If I delete a comment, is the comment's creator notified? If not, shouldn't he be? Let's imagine I encounter something that imo violates the guidelines. If I just delete it, and nothing else happens, how will that person learn not to do the same thing again?

If that is not yet the case (being notified that your comment was deleted), what should I do? Warn the user afterwards on his stream?

April 12, 2013



Hi Tiago! I love that you have all these questions. For now (until we create a moderator forum) it's best to email me directly with all of your moderator questions. As we develop the program we'll have more tools (like a forum) for you to use. Thanks!

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