Translation:Naʼahóóhai Bitsįʼ

May 13, 2019

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Nothing about the way this was translated in English says that it wants us to give the answer chicken meat. So just naʼahóóhai for chicken the animal should be a correct answer, yes?


It stated it wanted the navajo translation for"chicken", not chicken meat. So, i reported it.


"chicken" is just Naʼahóóhai. if you want me to say bitsįʼ you need to illustrate a dead chicken on a plate or else have the cartoon person say "chicken meat"


What does "Bitsį' mean? The dictionary gave only Na'ahóóhai for "chicken", but also had "bird". So does "Bitsį'" describe the type of bird?


Bitsįʼ means "its meat."

So naʼahóóhai is the thing that lays eggs for you, and naʼahóóhai bitsįʼ is what you just cooked.

It's like the difference between pig and pork, or cow and beef.

Naʼahóóhai bitsįʼ is literally "chicken meat."

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