Arabic Word of the Day 21#

*مساء الخير Today we're going to look at small words that can make your sentences more advanced:

  • We're going to start with a coupe of intensifiers:

*للغاية = "Lilghaaya" - Very / really

*جدا = "Jidan" - Very / really - I could safely say that "lilghaaya" is possibly considered "better quality language" than "Jidan" (I'm not 100% sure, I'm 99% sure because whenever I hear this word used, I could tell the person is extra)... But basically, if you can remember this word and pronounce it properly then great! If not, but you can remember "jidan" then great! Just use the one that suits you!

*بعض الشيء = "Ba3dh alshay' " - Kind of/ To some extent

*قليلا = "Q^aleelan" - Slightly (a little)

*كثيرا = "Katheeran" - A lot

*Now we're done with a few important intensifiers, we can go through some time adverbs:

*أحيانا = "Ah^yaanan" - Sometimes

*(عادتا ) = "3aadatan" - Usually / Normally

*في معظم الأحيان = "Fee mu3dham alah^yaan" - Most of the time

*في معظم الوقت = "Fee mu3dham alwaq^t" - Most of the time

*أبدا = "Abadan" - Never

*دائما = "Daa'iman" - Always

*متى = "Mataa" - Whenever (in this sense, but could also mean 'when')

*كلما = "Kulamaa" - Whenever (could also mean 'every time')

*So now we can make a sentence, let me show you an e.g.:

*أخي قد يكون مزعجا أحيانا = "Akhee q^ad yakoon muz3ijan ah^yaanan" - My brother can be annoying sometimes.

*So, "q^ad yakoon" means 'he can be', if they're a girl you'd say "q^ad takoon" instead. So here's the structure: family member + "q^ad (y/t)akoon" (optional) + adjective + time adverb. So if you don't want to use "can be", here's an example:

*صديقتي دائما خجولة = "S^adeeq^atee daa'iman khajoola" - My friend is always shy. < You may have noticed, that if you decide to not add "can be", then you can switch the adverb before the adjective, or the other way round. So in this example, the adjective was after the adverb.

*Thanks for Reading! Any Qs, Proof-reading (probably going to be a lot because I'm writing this half asleep), suggestions [yawns]... I'll be sleeping so don't disturb me! JK Lol no, inform me below! Have a Nice Sleep! >0< ZZZZzzzz

May 13, 2019


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Great as every time!

But, "عادتا" is written عادةً.

And good luck in your series ❤️

May 14, 2019

@0@ I knew I was correct! My keyboard likes to suggest spellings to me and when I wrote (عادةً) it said it was misspelt and suggested (عادتا)! I mean the only reason I use those suggestions is because I'm not amazing at spellings. Thanks! Now I promote you to become chief spelling corrector! ;D No pay rise tho! ;p

May 14, 2019

HAHAHA thanks, no problem.

May 15, 2019


May 13, 2019

شكرا ;)

May 14, 2019
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