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  5. "Raj eats a lot of sugar."

"Raj eats a lot of sugar."

Translation:राज बहुत चीनी खाता है।

May 13, 2019



Is it wrong to put bahut after sugar?


It changes the meaning. राज चीनी बहुत खाता है। would mean that Raj eats sugar a lot in the sense that he eats it a lot of times but not necessarily in a greater quantity.


I put बहुत सारा and it was marked wrong, I thought that was how to say 'a lot of', but now I look it up it says it means 'all', so I don't understand what it means together with बहुत? (Which I've definitely heard or read somewhere, I thought in Duolingo at least, but perhaps not.)


You are right that बहुत सारा is 'a lot of'. It is more hyperbolic than just using बहुत.
It does not mean 'all' (That would be just सारा)

In this sentence, you would need to use the feminine form बहुत सारी because चीनी is feminine.
That said, I wouldn't be surprised if it has not been added as an alternate translation. You can suggest it when you see the sentence again.


Ah, thanks. I indeed make the mistake of writing सारा not सारी in my answer, so perhaps it's already accepted, it's just not the default answer so wasn't what it corrected me to.

I wasn't clear about 'all' - I meant that I looked up सारा and when it said it meant 'all' assumed I was indeed wrong, and wondered what then 'बहुत all' did mean. Thanks again.

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