"What is the name of the international community?"

Translation:Qual è il nome della comunità internazionale?

April 12, 2013

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Can you say "Come si chiama della communità internazionale?"


In that case it would be "Come si chiama la comunità internazionale?".


And why would "Come si chiama la comunitá internazionale" be wrong?


I'm sure it's pretty obvious, but why can't we use "Cosa" here ?


Yeah it's a difference of perspective; the Italian "quale" actually translates to "which" because it's not asking what the name actually "is", but which name is associated to that particular object, given that there are many. It could have said "Che nome ha la comunità internazionale?" with more or less the same meaning, although more informal (cosa is a shortening of "che cosa" so it can't be used before another noun such as 'nome'). For instance: "qual è la definizione di zelante?" (what's the definition of zealous?) and "Che significa zelante?" (what does zealous mean?). Perspective :)


Ok, so let me see if I got that :

Good thing to know here is that Cosa = Che cosa, hence cosa being a name itself (=thing?) it can't be followed by another name, right ? That's why we encounter sentences like "Cosa fai ?", which in fact is short for "Che cosa fai ?" = "What is that thing you do ?", right ?

Then, I get that either you have CHE or QUALE, and I guessed pretty early that QUALE = Which, because it worked fine with previous sentences. So no argument here I think.

What I'm struggling with is "it's not asking what the name actually "is", but which name is associated to that particular object" because I really don't see the point. Your example with "zelante" was good, and makes things clearer. But anyways, I think I'd rather naturally go towards "Che" in those types of questions. Is it possible then, to have something like "Che è (or maybe a contraction here) la definizione di zelante ?". The only way I can see thingsd work with QUALE here would be if you have a list of definitions (like in a TV game), and the candidate must pick the right one : "Among those, which one is correct ?".

Sorry for the long post, but I have the feeling it's quite crucial here :)


I don't think I'm good enough to explain this :|

I'm sure Italian uses "quale" a lot more than the English "which", especially in interrogations, but some contexts are perhaps more flexible than others. Imagine a waiter asking you "Which wine would you like?"; he means there is a set of wines you can choose from, but he could have used "What wine would you like?" as well. In Italian it's the same, "Quale vino desiderate?" or "Che vino desiderate?", the latter being more informal. But there are contexts, mostly with the verb "essere", where you can't choose "che" over "quale": i.e. it's either "qual è" or "[che] cos'è", the first asking for a selection or a quality and the second asking for "what it is". This "what it is" is rather hard to explain, but "cos'è" asks for the nature of the object, its meaning or purpose, not any of its qualities. "Cos'è la definizione" means I don't know what "definition" is; "Qual è la definizione" means I know what "definition" is, but I don't know which definition applies to that word.

Sorry, I probably just made it more confusing. Also, "quale" outside of interrogations can mean "how" and even then it's often rendered in English with "what"; Dante's quote "Ahi quanto a dir qual era è cosa dura / Esta selva selvaggia e aspra e forte" was translated as "Ah me! how hard a thing it is to say / What was this forest savage, rough, and stern".


Do not worry, it's very useful, as usual !

Perfect example with the wine, that's what I figured about all that, and it makes completely sense for me.

Quoting Dante was a hell of an answer :D Nicely done !

I'll try to pay extra attention on that as I go along new lessons. I'm still far from finishing that skill tree anyway :)


As often happens, you are the one who straightens me out on these tricky usage questions. Thanks!


I wrote that the first time, and it was marked WRONG.


I tried that but it wasn't accepted =(


So when can we use della/del and when can we use la/il/l'...?


what is wrong with come si chiama? It was suggested above the question.


Even the hints say come si chiama. If it's not correct it shouldn't be given as a hint.


How do you know if it's "della" or "dalla" - I always get confused.


My understanding is that "di" is used to mean "of ...", like "i stivali di mia madre" i think would mean "the boots of my mother/my mother's boots"

On the other hand "da" means "from" or "for" depending on context, e.g.

"Sala da pranzo" = "room for lunch"

"vengo dalla stazione ferroviaria" = "i come from the railway station"


When do you use Quale and Qual e? Thanks!


When I clicked the underlined words it said Come si chiama. But when I typed itin,it was marked wrong. Very frustrating!


I typed cos' e and it accepted. But now i know qual' e is more appropriate


What's wrong with "Che è il nome della comunità internazionale?"? I put it in and it got marked wrong.


This is a difficult exprression


Many thanks to f.formica. brilliant explanation!


I have the same answer as listef


sometimes the adjective is before the noun and sometimes after. I'm never quite sure.


Why not come si chiama


Qual e il nome should be acceptable. Why isn't it,?


Why does Duolingo misguide people to use their guide? Duolingo is rather useless.


The guys at Duolingo are absolutely D..uck heads. The hints are sometimes deliberately misleading. What kind of educatirs do that. Chit ones IMHO.


It's an A.I., it's not like they filled them in themselves, no, A.I. did, and it makes a lot of mistakes. It fills translations in for pretty much every possible context, like for "then" it gives both "poi" and "allora", because they both translate to "then" but are used in different scenarios. So, you shouldn't rely on hints a lot.

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