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Samurai Champloo is constantly being referenced for me

nerd alert I wanted to learn japanese simply because I loved anime since I was a child. I know super cliche.

I watch half sub and half dub but I try to stop and recognize kanjis in the anime. I always find myself finding the "no" kanji first and it reminds me of the episode of Samurai Champloo when Mugen was being taught how to read and he could only read no.

So in my head I always think "this one is no and that is one is no"

nerd alert done carry on

May 14, 2019



I also remember well. It is the time when the original word "mugen" was born. The teacher at Terakoya was very interesting.


Yes and it was also the infinity symbol. I thought that was totally bad ass


I only want to learn Japanese because i love anime. That's the only reason.


I also love how it sounds. And the culture, but the culture was introduced to me from anime.


Is it only me who watched anime for Japanese not the opposite?


Who knows people have their own reason, you're probably not the only one. You could start a discussion group and see who agrees with you. Maybe you'll find you're not the only one

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