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  5. "ʻEhia pāpale o kēlā wahine?"

"ʻEhia pāpale o kēlā wahine?"

Translation:How many hats does that woman have?

May 14, 2019



How would you say; "How many women have hats?"


I'm guessing "He pāpale oehia wahine?" but I tried to translate that back into English and it didn't want to go. So I'm still at a loss.


Just curious - I was graded incorrect for "How many hats does that lady have?" (a more natural phrasing). Is there a difference in Hawaiian between "woman" and "lady?" Because in English they both mean "adult female." When I ran "lady" through my Hawaiian-English translation program it gave me "makuahine" (SO wrong!!!)


I'm interested to see if anyone has an answer. I imagine "lady" should also be accepted for "wahine". Did you also report it as "My answer should have been accepted"?


Lady should be accepted.


This is probably not the best place to report it. The people reading this board are not necessarily the people adding in the alternative translations. And staff is definitely not reading these boards. Did you use the report flag and click, "my answer should have been accepted"? The team is a little slow to get to those reports since they are focusing on other parts of course creation, but I have received plenty of emails saying that they accepted my suggestion.


In English, lady and woman overlap in meaning but are not always interchangeable. Woman really does mean "adult female." A lady is a certain type of adult female. Every lady is a woman, but not every woman is a lady.


In English, I hardly EVER use "woman" but usually use "lady" in regular/polite conversation. I believe I did report it as "My answer should be accepted." By the way, English is my native language.

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