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Correct answers

Hello everyone! I'm trying to put some "words" in the sentences bellow, can you to help me the correct words in the sentences?

  1. "Whenever" I see him afternoon, I'll tell him what you suggested.
  2. Let's go for walk "until" it starts to get dark.
  3. They haven't seen each other "before" they got divorced.
  4. "After" we had had lunch in a charming little trattoria, we had a look round the cathedral.
  5. "While" you're helping the kids with their homework, I'll start making supper.
  6. Everyone else had already finished "by" the time we arrived.
  7. I think we can start "once" that everyone is here.
  8. They've lived in that house "since" I can remember.
  9. I won't know the answer "even as" I've seen the report.
  10. As "soon" as you arrive, let us know, and we'll come and collect you.
  11. "When" he's in London, he goes to see his grandmother.
  12. At the very "moment" he said her name, there she was on the doorstep.
  13. It's really quite easy "as" you've got the hang of it.
  14. Just "now" we turned the corner, an enormous bull wandered out onto the road.
  15. And I can see armed police preparing to storm the building, "for as long as" I speak.

Have a nice day!!!

May 14, 2019

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