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Web page translations

Why are all the articles for translation so boring? It seems like all technical details about fashion and cars and weird glitches like translating a series of numbers.

July 18, 2012



This is (for me) definitely one of the weakest aspects of Duolingo at the moment: the poor and inflexible choice of articles to translate. There are various workarounds: one good one is to start following other people, especially those who are very active translators. When they translate something, a link will appear in your stream, and if it's interesting, you can translate it too. This topic also just came up a few days ago on the Duolingo subreddit, and there is a growing list there of categorized links to more interesting articles to translate:


If you follow the discussions on the topic, you'll see that there is apparently a new system in development at Duolingo for offering articles to translate. But it hasn't gone online yet. Let's hope it shows up soon. I'm getting really tired of being offered articles about cars, fashion, or luxury items. And something else that I haven't seen mentioned: Many of the articles that are offered to translate are several years out of date! And this really is a problem for articles on topics such as software or celebrity news....


I believe the "translating the web" part of duolingo comes from people/parties submitting documents/articles they want translated for free, and are not time sensitive.

If you think about, you are learning/practicing/improving your language for free, while someone else also gets their content translated for free. The content tends to be 'real world' language, so you get exposed to it rather than generic sentence/subject matter.

That said, the content at the moment is quite limited and uninteresting.


Thanks for the comments. I want to help the site expand by translating as much as possible, but slogging through technical pages can get... tiresome. I haven't seen a single entry for music or history.

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