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  5. "loD SoH'a'? ghobe'. be' jIH."

"loD SoH'a'? ghobe'. be' jIH."

Translation:Are you a man? No. I am a woman.

May 15, 2019



i typed "are you a man no a woman" & it wasn't accepted. horrifying lack of punctuation notwithstanding, I think it should've been, as in "Are you a man? No, a woman" or "No. A woman."


Since the Klingon sentence includes the pronoun as "to be", I think it is more appropriate to translate it as a full sentence in English. If it had been ghobe'. be'. it would be unusual and perhaps not even grammatical, but then I would expect the answer you attempted to give. I would like to discourage answers like this, but since we are here to teach Klingon and not English and it's clear you understood the Klingon, I have grudgingly added it as an accepted translation.

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