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Problem with Hindi

I have a problem with matching exercises where I match all the options with only दू and dū remaining, however when I try to match them I get an error. This means I cannot complete the exercise and as I cannot complete the question even, I cannot report an issue. Any advice? Thanks

May 15, 2019



Would it be possible for you to post a screenshot? You can upload it to imgur and post the link here.


I've encountered the same issue during Letter 3. I chose to do the test to skip that level, but then encountered the issue again on the match for another letter.

Then...got both letters in the next match. I'll try to post a picture.

EDIT. Link: http://imgur.com/2vULWBS


I've consistently had this problem with the early lessons, but was able to get around it by testing out. Now I am also seeing this when using the exercise feature:



I sent a message and it worked

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