"Her dog is lifted by Tini's daughter."

Translation:Anjingnya diangkat putri Tini.

May 15, 2019



Shouldn't this be "Anjingnya diangkat oleh putri Tini". I think "oleh" is missing in this sentence. How to suggest to the designer of the website to correct it?

May 15, 2019


'oleh' can be omitted if the passive 'di-' verb is directly followed by the agent/actor.
'oleh' must be used if the passive 'di-' verb is followed something else than the agent/actor.
agent/actor = the one performing the action of the verb ==> 'putri Tini'.


1) Anjingnya diangkat (oleh) putri Tini.
2) Anjingnya diangkat (oleh) putri Tini ke kamar tidurnya.
3) Anjingnya diangkat ke kamar tidurnya oleh putri Tini.

ke kamar tidurnya = to her bedroom.

In sentence 1 and 2 , 'oleh' is optional.
In sentence 3, 'oleh' must be used.

Here is more info about the 'passive voice'

May 16, 2019
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