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Hey everyone,

Hope this is appropriate (I checked the guidelines and it seems so).

After a good study session of Duolingo Chinese, it's always nice to enjoy a good chinese meal. While I enjoy going to the restaurant or ordering via Uber Eats as much as the next guy, I have to admit nothing tastes as good as home made cooking (and that sense of achievement is great too!).

So to stay immersed in the Chinese culture, I thought I'd share with you all a youtube channel I've been watching with a great deal of attention these last few weeks: Chinese Cooking Demystified (

Steph and Chris, the channel authors, really put a lot of effort into every dish video they make.

In fact, the antepenultimate recipe video was a re-edition of how to make Mapo Tofu (a typical Sichuanese dish). During this video, they showcase both their version and the version from "The Professional Chef" (a stapple cooking book used by the "Culinary Institute of America"). Spoiler Alert: The difference between the two end results is flabbergasting - Steph and Chris' version looks infinitely better.

So yes, they really put a lot of minutiae and details in every recipe. Every video lasts 10 minutes on average. The recipes are also written down in the comments (and posted on Reddit I believe). Chris will usually answer any question you have on both places (such as if you can trade an ingredient for another).

A word of advice, making some of the dishes is quite the adventure.. For one recipe: Cantonese Meatballs, Dim Sum-style (陈皮牛肉球); I couldn't find any alkaline water (碱水) in France so I had to make my own alkaline water by cooking baking soda and using a pH tester as described by Alex the French Guy. I really enjoyed the experience but it's not something I'd do every day. Fortunately, the meatballs can be made in big quantities and later be stored safely in a freezer.

Anyway... Hope you enjoy their videos and happy cooking!

Also, feel free to share other resources because I'm quite interested in developing my chinese cooking skills ;-)


May 15, 2019


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