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Is this a Spanish expression?

I came across a sentence that said "... solo calentar el asiento a trabajo," which means literally to "heat the seat alone at work". I'm wondering if maybe that's an idiom or something, like maybe to just come to work and do nothing?

July 18, 2012



"Calentar el asiento" is indeed an idiom, and it means to not do anything. As in that the only thing they do is warm the seat. For example, a common complaint could be that the boss doesn't do anything! He get's his salary for warming his seat! Or you could say it about a student, sure - he shows up in class but he doesn't pay any attention and doesn't do anything. He only warms the seat!


It does mean "alone" without the accent, but it's common that they don't use it. Just think about how often you will see people making spelling mistakes in English online..missing a tiny ยด is easy.


You are reading the word 'solo' to mean 'alone', whereas it means 'only heats the seat'. We call it 'bums on seats' in Oz.


I thought when solo doesn't have an accent it means "alone"


Ah, now it makes more sense

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