What is the difference between à, dans, en & au

Hi, I'm a French beginner and I have been struggling to distinguish between the use cases for these words. They all mean in/at but I do not know where exactly I should use them.

May 16, 2019


au is a contracted form of a le; I know that much. aux is the plural form (contracted from a les). Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. The question of when to use dans or en instead ... a (with the accent, of course, which I can't type) is closer to being equivalent to English "at." It can refer to time and space (at the bank) or time (at seven o'clock) for instance. There are other usages; I'm looking at a very nice book called "The Ultimate French Review and Practice." Much of the book is beyond me, but it really does lay all this information out on the page, which DuoLingo doesn't do. According to the book, en is used directly before a noun, but dans must be followed by an article or by some other determiner, such as a possessive.

May 16, 2019
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