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  5. "Julia works."

"Julia works."

Translation:जूलिया काम करती है।

May 16, 2019



Could be also: Julia kartı he?


Karti doesn't mean "work". Karti means "does". This sentence means "Julia does work."


Yes you are very very right


what's the difference between 'karti' and 'kar' ? I've asked this before but without the discussion page I would have no idea.


"Karti" is "does" (feminine form - if the subject was Raj or some other bloke, it would be "karta"), while "kar" is a noun meaning "work". Hindi does not appear to have a single verb for "work" like we do in English (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong though). Instead, it seems that you have to say "to do work" to convey the concept of somebody working.


No, "kar" isn't a noun. That would be "kaam." "Kar raha/rahi/rahe" are the verb forms for the continuous tenses, while "karta/karti/karte" for the simple tenses. For example, "तुम्हारी बहन क्या करती है?" means "What does your sister do?" (simple present), while "तुम्हारी बहन क्या कर रही है?" means "What is your sister doing?" (present continuous).

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