New "all white" design :(

I'm not sure if others had already received this change on the desktop version and I'm just late to the party. As a longer time user some changes I get last. However, today I got the "all white" page and altered navigation at the top of the site.

Not a fan at all. The blue helped the "tool bar" (as it were) stand out from the tree itself. This look, in addition to being somewhat visually jarring, simply looks "undesigned" ... thrown together if you will. Possibly add just a small bit of color ("Duo green" for branding)?

Just my $0.02. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has posted about this change.

May 16, 2019


The new top bar seems unnecessarily thick, it eats up a lot of vertical real-estate.


May 16, 2019

I've already downgraded the brightness of the display on my notebook anyway. Many other sites use the white background, so it is useful for many websites. This makes the problem manageable for me.

But here I copy again my experience with the new design:

I have now worked some time with the 2nd design change. The following areas have changed:

  • the header bar
  • the graphical daily progress display
  • Main menu in the avatar combined with earlier function of the bell.
  • no more language level display via flag symbol
  • (Lessons are given as percentages instead of the number of exercises.)
  • The percentage in the lessons they took out, I suppose?

The learning path has basically not changed and you can of course work with the crown level as usual with the new design.

Watch your step! The word list is hidden behind the menu item MORE or as it is called in the other languages.

The fact that the progress graphic is now integrated in the header (accessible via the streak) has the advantage that you no longer have to scroll and it is available at any time, no matter where I am in the learning tree.

An absolute NO-GO in web design:

The main menu (accessible via avatar) is now combined with the announcements from the earlier bell. So it comes unfortunately to the fact that perhaps with some on the learning surface the Logout is not to be found any more. The main menu MUST remain clearly arranged, otherwise you will install a No-Go in the web programming.

Better combine it with the lingots ad. That's where it belongs to me, too. Because in former times the earning of the Lingots was announced also over the bell. And who follows whom belongs rather in the area "Friends". So pack up what belongs together. But this doesn't belong in the main menu at all.

I don't understand why my language level is no longer displayed in the flag symbol. I find the way through my profile inconvenient. (For some it is irrelevant, for others it is a motivation when they see their level. I know that it says nothing about the real level of knowledge of yourself, but for me it is a small engine not to give up now, but to continue. )

(I find the percentage in the lessons needs getting used to. I have always used the number of exercises to exactly divide my daily exercises per lesson. For example, if I had 15 exercises in a crown level in one lesson, I would have done 5 exercises a day. Now you have to know some math to be able to organize your exercises.) -> They seem to have reversed it.

The menu above the avatar has moved to the right and so the way is longer if you need help. It is unpleasant that the link reference is suppressed with all menu items and I cannot open a new tab e. g. with help, over the context menu of the right mouse button.

I know the programmers aren't interested in this feedback, but I wanted to share my experience with you.

I'm so glad you mentioned the word list, I would have freaked if I came in here and couldn't find it. (I usually only work on my cell phone so I don't see the word list there at all, but I come to my desktop to see if anything has changed in the way they present it....and they have....and made it worse in my estimation!!) I don't understand why they still don't give nouns a male or female designation when you click on the word nor what lesson it was introduced in so one can review that lesson. All this white really hurts my eyes but I don't want to have to change things. I'm afraid I will eventually go somewhere else...with all these changes that don't seem to be helpful to me, why stay? Just because it's free? I don't think so.

Did they reverse percentages? Can others confirm this? I still have them. I also still have that crap where "progress" goes up in lessons when I do other lessons or practice.

I guess on mobile some people never received percentages, but if it really is being reversed on desktop then that's wonderful. If so I wish they would just allow an opt out with the irritating bonus points thing and the site will at least be functional for me, even if still overly white. I have been pretty much just doing bare minimum to keep the streak alive since they implemented these changes. Really making me wonder what's the point.

It hasn't been reversed for me either. :-( I would dearly love if it would be. I too have this nonsense of altered percentages in other lessons. It's about the most pointless thing I've ever seen. It doesn't change the number of lessons you have to do, and you don't get any extra XP from it, so it's just daft.

Thanks for telling me where to find the progress graphic.

If anyone can't logout, try It works ;)

Thank you so much for introducing me to this Chrome app! And I love the darklingo style; so much more pleasant and less tiring for the eyes :-)

Enjoy your lingot! Don't spend it all at once ;-)

Seriously DARK MODE. Especially for mobile!!!

Another idea -- dark mode + multiple other-colored modes!!

Absolutely—I don't want a dark-mode: I just want an 'off-white mode' with less glare (e.g. how it used to be). Most screens are pretty big nowadays, and the current colour scheme is really not conducive to prolonged and comfortable use.

I'm certainly not going to change my monitor's brightness levels, either, because they work perfectly for every other website on the internet with typical (and better-thought-out) design choices. What I will do is use Duolingo less until it stops trying to blind me.

Please do something about this, DL.

Ugh, yes, I love cream colored things, which is half of the reason I use Lingodeer, it's so much less hard on my eyes

Why is the progress toward the daily goal removed from the side??? Put it back where it was so that i can easily see where i'm at toward my 50xp goal.

same here, also the little graph showing how much xp was gained over the last 7 days

I agree with both of you - I really miss seeing the info in the side regarding the XP. It was the perfect visual representation of my progress in the week and everything looks so bare without it.

I agree and I feel it wouldn't be too hard to make it pop up whenever you hover over your streak icon no matter which section you are in.

On the home page, you can hover over the number at the top showing your streak, and it will show you your progress towards your streak and the graph of the last 7 days (AKA what was previously on the side).

That doesn't work on a tablet

It may work for you if you click/tap on it while on the Learn page as Denise mentions below.

Oh my gosh! Maya, I know you from Instagram! I love your art! (and Star Trek)!

How can you do this? I can't seem to do it on my MacBook (Safari).

Ensure you are on the home page 'Learn' when you hover.

you can hover over the number of streaks while you're one the learn page... but that isn't helpful when you are not, like on the discussions/forums...

Absolutely agree. Loved the graph showing daily goals.

It generally annoys me that they put time, effort and money into aesthetics rather than changes that improve learning. They pay engineers for these aesthetic changes (which most users don't like) while linguistic issues are left to volunteers.

Yes, this! This sums up my own frustrations with these bizarre and random changes.

Additionally, I wish they’d consider their younger users. These changes are disruptive enough to adult users. My twelve year old uses Duolingo at home, and, with the lone exception of the expansion of the Spanish tree, she has strongly disliked all of the other changes. I can’t even imagine the chaos they cause for teachers and in school settings.

a hundred percent! I feel like the layout of the front page has changed once a week for the last month. And for what? I dislike the current design, and the removal of the daily goal from the sidebar seems entirely counterproductive. Meanwhile, mistakes and issues within the courses themselves remain unresolved.

I really like the labels. For instance, "Learn" instead of "Home" is more descriptive of what learners will find in that tab. I definitely miss the blue color of that section. Can we keep the new labels while bringing back the blue bar?

Edit: PS can we please move to the "More" tab, the links, such as account, settings, profile, Help that are currently populating the hidden drop down menu activated upon hover of our profile icon on the top right? I suspect that moving those to "More" will make on-boarding a smoother process. Not that I don't love treasure hunts. But... ;)

I'm "waiting" for the discuss tab to be changed into 'forum', a word seen in many languages & with, to me at least, a less 'agressive' meaning/feeling than discuss. (discuss! disagree!)

~shrugs shoulders~

LeafHuntress (I like your profile pic and username, btw!)

I hadn't thought of "discuss" as having an aggressive feel for some folx. Interesting. I can only imagine why they truncated it from the noun "Discussion" to the verb "Discuss". Perhaps to allow everything to fit while allowing for a more noticeable font size and spacing? "Forum" would be even a little shorter. Hmm, I wonder if the various translations of those two words differ significantly in size from one another. (Now you've got me all kinds of curious as I wonder about the possible reasons for the change.)

Etymologically, 'discuss' descends from 'discutio', 'I shatter/strike down' (itself from 'quatio', 'I agitate/brandish/excite/harass'), whereas 'forum' is cognate with 'door'.
I don't personally consider 'discuss' as sounding any more aggressive, but it's interesting that some people should apparently be more in tune with this etymology presumably without being aware of it.

A reason for this choice could be that all three leftmost tabs are verbs, whereas 'more' is concealing nouns. I've certainly heard it said (although I haven't seen any objective evidence for it) that making links verbs promotes greater engagement. There is a general belief that active words are more engaging than passive or stative ones.

I want the old design back. Contrary to what we have now, it had all the information I needed, openly displayed in a neat manner.

It's so frustrating when they try to fix what wasn't broken at all


That's not really Duolingo's modus operandi. And, assuming it is is going to lead to a lot of frustration. The company is partnered with a research university.

Duolingo's aim is to break ground. So, they change and test literally everything to see if they can learn anything unexpected that will benefit online education. The goal has never been to get comfortable and stay put there.

As people who are using Duolingo, we can expect everything that exists currently to change repeatedly or even be completely removed eventually. Everything you see today is different than it was in 2011. And we can even expect to encounter seemingly counter-intuitive feature iterations.

The most counter-productive thing you or I can do is to dig our heals in. We'll just be frustrating ourselves. What we can do, is give solid constructive criticism. Let them know what does or doesn't work and why. And additionally, to provide new suggestions. Most of what the website looks like now was inspired by user suggestions posted in the forum.

From all of these unpleasant bumps and changes, the future of online education is going to massively benefit. Unfortunately, right now, it's... a bunch of unpleasant bumps and changes. Maybe it helps though to know it's for a good cause. :)

i know plus it is burning my eyes sooooooooooooo much just to bland and bright

Fr, but I'd recommend this I sound like some sort of weird advertiser but it's like the only alternative to becoming blind in my opinion

Just got it, in between lessons so it was more of a wtf beause I started with one UI had another when I was done. They definitely need some color in that top bar. It blends too much with the rest of the page. Also don't like that there's no 'doulingo' logo or anything in the header. That just looks weird.

And I'm really not liking that you have to hover over your streak icon to see how many points you did today. Again, another change that provides less information to the end user.

Plus, you can only confirm what you did today. Hovering over previous days in that chart doesn't show you how many points you did that day. A lot of the recent changes have a common theme of obfuscating things and hiding information from users. Really hostile, especially from a site about learning.

Hovering over previous days in that chart doesn't show you how many points you did that day.

That seems to still be working with me. I'm not sure why it might be like that for you.

It has been that way for the past couple weeks. I've tried tweaking browser settings but no luck. Maybe because I'm using Firefox and not Chrome?


What is your browser zoom level?

For me with Firefox V52.9.0esr the "hover over the point curves to display the XP per day" works on zoom factor 120% or 133%.

I confirm that it works when I use zoom at that level. I also tried it at 100%. But when I'm at 100%, my mouse has to be hovering over basically the exact pixel to get that information. Ugh. Thanks for the hint though.

Thank you for the hint. I couldn't find my points for today anywhere until I read your message.

I'm not sold on it either. What I most dislike about it however is that languages are no longer organised by level in the drop-down menu, which for me at least screws up the way I organise my study (guess I'll have to resort to Duome to help me on that score now). Agree about the background for the tool bar too.

This is a major problem for those of us who like to dip into a lot of the languages offered. Having the languages in level order put the ones that I go back to repeatedly, that I actually would like to develop some skill in, at the top of the list. I think they may still be in level order, but I do not see the level, which for me was an indicator of how much time I had spent on a particular language.

Yup same issue for me. And what's worse the box that pops up is so poorly sized that it only shows 5 languages at a time. Much less efficient and useful than the prior layout.

So much scrolling.

I want the streak check mark back.

I’ve gone 1236 days on this streak alone, plus the two other substantial streaks I’ve had, looking to that check mark to determine whether or not my daily XPs were met. I do not like it not showing up.

Edited to add that I notice my streak on the comment doesn’t even match the streak up top. Sweet. No doubt people will lose streaks over this change.

Me, too! I like to see the checkmark to VERIFY that my work for the day was actually logged! I somehow lost a 17 day streak early on due to some type of syncing problem and until this change, was able to use the checkmark to verify the lessons "took".

On the "learn" page, hover over your streak and a pop-out appears that shows if you've met your daily goal, as well as a graph showing your XP over the last week.

I wish they would add a "longest streak" icon... since I lost mine that was some 970 days. Congrats on your streaks!

Oh man! I’m sorry you lost such a great streak but am glad to see it hasn’t persuaded you from having another go at it. Congratulations on both of yours as well. I, too, would love a ‘longest streak’ icon in order to see a fuller picture of what others have done while also recording my own accomplishments.

Maybe my ‘learn page’ is functioning differently than yours due to a different browser, device, or some such. I’m not getting any of the hovering activity/ability. But thank you for mentioning it. I’ll look out for it and/or keep trying.

Hmmm, I use Chrome on a MacBook using Mohave. But let me explain better, so you can try again. From this page first click on the "Learn" icon in the menu at the top of the page. That will bring you to your tree. Still on that same menu bar, you'll see your avatar to the far right with your lingots to the left of that and on the left of your lingots you'll see your streak. Place your cursor on it and the box I'm talking about will pop out. Try waiting a few seconds. For me, clicking on it also works.

Oh my goodness, thank you for taking the time to give the extra suggestions.

I’ve seen others with similar comments so hopefully this will help more than just me.

I will also add that no amount of hovering on the number itself was doing anything, nor was it clickable. But I re-tried hovering for a few extra seconds over the icon itself and then eventually clicked on the icon, and clicking did eventually work for me.

Again, thank you!

Oh my gosh. I'm so annoyed by the new white. We asked for dark mode and we got even whiter!!

Ruby360784, I SO agree!!!!

Just got it today. I don't know what the hell I'm looking at anymore. May have dry-heaved ;)

EDIT: I also REALLY LOVE how the devs give us no warning about changes. /s

I'm pretty sure there was an announcement of a re-design awhile back. It seems like the last of the folks who hadn't gotten the update are getting it now. Of course, who imagined this?

I didn't get the announcement. However knowing myself, if I was anticipating a 'redesign', I would be more thrown off by the gradual changes I've been noticing over the course of the month, since I would be expecting all the changes to drop at once.

As for who imagined this... devs who apparently need justification to keep their designer jobs... when they could be working on the language learning side of the site.

It is really bland. I like the old one better, just because it had some color. It looks so depressing now.

Tone the freakin' white down! My eyes are burning! At least gives us a 25% gray!

Where did all the colours go? Yet another horrible change that I can guarantee was not tested or approved by anyone. It's visually offensive even to the blind.

toki pona li toki pona

It's not that bad. There are pros and cons.. It DOES kind of sting your eyes, however, it was mostly white before, and I honestly prefer this to the super bright blue that the toolbar used to be (not saying a darker mode would be bad, it would be great, but it could be worse).. I also think the labels are a lot better. There ARE a lot more things showing up on the toolbar, but you can't just click on your lingot count to go to the shop, you have to do a little bit more. I might have just taken a really, really long time to notice that it disappeared, but did the search bar disappear for discussions? The only con that doesn't have a pro attached... The check mark being removed from the streak probably makes it more aesthetic, but isn't nearly as useful as it was before. I've done double what I was supposed to today because I didn't notice the check disappeared (not a bad thing, really, but it could be if someone thought they had done it, didn't do it, and then lost their streak)

Anyway.. Those are just my opinion :) Have a nice day all!

I just got the new design. I don't like it. Also, I had a panic attack thinking I had lost my streak and then noticed that it was there, except it was nearly white. Some of us don't have the best eyes and would prefer darker colors, Duolingo..

I had to get used to it in the first fifteen minutes, but now I like it more than the previous design and I have a hunch there are going to be more functionalities appearing under the "more" section which makes this change even more exciting.

I hope they move everything under the username drop down to the "more" list. It's just not intuitive to a lot of people to mouse over their userpic to find a hidden menu. I feel it would expedite onboarding to move those to "More". :)

I also hate it. It's way too bright. I think about my eyes (which are more sensitive than most) and the power draw. Also, the fact that I need to do to motions instead of just clicking lingots to get to the store is annoying.

Where is the practice button? I always did one practice session per day so I could review past words.

There should be a button in the lower left that looks like a dumbbell that will take you there. Why they moved it, no idea, but who knows why they make any of these unwanted changes.

Found it! Thanks for the information.

It seems to float somewhere off to the left.

I like the new design, but it would be more cool if we have a dark mode option. This all white brings too much photophobia.

There is a dark mode, check near the top of the post list... Hope that helps!

Only if you want to install yet another extension to deal with something that should've been thought of before by Duo

It is annoying because you cannot see if you have met your daily goal... you have to go up to the top right corner of the page!

I really like the new design. Don't understand why people complains about it.

This is Duo's way of punishing those who did not do their Spanish lesson.

Well, why didn't you?

Tsk, sitting over there, learning Portuguese...

Now all of us get punished!


I'm going to get some heat here but I don't agree with all the complaints. The graph with the progress of the day is still there, it was just moved up to the bar. Hover on your streak icon between the crowns and the lingots and it will appear. Actually, it's easier now and is readily available. Before, if you were working in the middle or all the way down a tree, you had to come up again to check your points, no? Come on, it's a free language program and it's fantastic, don't be so ungrateful. There, vote down all you wish, I'm going to go get some popcorn.

i don't know what everyone is moaning about, the old look was completely white as well. The top nav bar has more on it now so it's easier to access. The options are spread out more. They are easier to get to. Can we all stop moaning about everything and just keep learning our languages?

Quote blanktheman: Can we all stop moaning about everything and just keep learning our languages?

With a freezing / crashing browser and constant blackscreens since the last UI updates (it did not happen with the older web frontend!):

I am curious: How can you do this - "learning" thing - then?

The green tick to confirm that you have attained your daily target has gone. It was really helpful for a quick glance that you are on course to maintain your streak. Please bring it back!

I was doing duo in the morning it was ok and then all of a sudden this crappy background came you cant even see how many xp you did today.

I haven't been able to find any of the statistics I have been following for the last four years. I wonder whether Duo is just trying to tell long-time users that we are no longer welcome.

I only joined recently so I can deal with the changes since I never really had time to get used to the way things were.

I do miss the background and icon design of the different pages for the languages when you choose one to add to your courses. It all looks so monotonous now.

I hate the change as well.

yea older was better :(

Completely agree, and the review thing is just gone now, unless I'm just not seeing it. I like the overall review of what's been learned so far to keep things fresh in my head. Please at least bring that back.

So true though..

¡Necesito mis gafas de sol!

They changed the whole site to white, including the toolbar at the top. I don't like that they removed the Duolingo logo, now it looks like the mobile version. Also when you hover over your courses, the levels for each courses are no longer shown and you can only see the levels by accessing your profile.

On the mobile site you can't access settings for your account anymore, not even rotating your phone to landscape mode fixes the issue. What a poorly thought out idea, now we have to access account settings through desktop/laptop or through the app. Before this change we couldn't even access the Courses settings to delete/reset courses through the mobile site in portrait mode.

No button to Settings (for above and below screenshots).

The Notifications/Account popup bar is not scrollable on mobile.

Duolingo keeps changing too much, and keeps shooting itself in the foot with all these poor changes and removal of useful features.

UPDATE: The settings icon is added to profile now on mobile site. Now I am relieved.
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I don't see my levels anymore, even when I check my profile, only XPs . I see my levels only when I make a comment. I also liked getting notified when I leveled up in a language. I recently climbed to Level 9 in Swahili (I see now). I don't know when I got to Level 15 in Danish.

Let me check my levels with this comment!

I just opened the new design and I'm confused ... as with all changes in Duo, I will try it a couple of days before say yaeh or nae but right now I'm not impressed at all. Already missing my groups at the app :(

Also the new site seems so childish. It looks really tacky overall, I think they should just revert to the design of say, one year ago.

I logged in to the site one time and saw the new design. I don't like it either. I liked the blue better. :(

Yes, agree. It was a mistake.

it really makes no difference to me :)

Definitely not liking these most recent design changes, particularly the lost of the graph with my work for the last week. Hard to believe that these changes tested positively for encouraging more study, so why did they Dulingo them? I love this app and will keep working, but count me as frustrated by the most recent change.

This restyling had me lost for about three minutes. I also am rather perplexed at how the language selections (for choosing new languages to learn) no longer have anything significant culturally to the language and country of origin. It could be said that the soul has been taken out of the service, as aesthetics such as those gave a sense that the contributors understood the culture surrounding the language and what was important to the history and culture of those who speak it as a first language. This new design is not a good one.

So often the pictures are above the text so I cannot see it. When three alternatives are given to a sentence the third is often hidden. It has been impossible for me to finish the lessons lately as I am supposed to fill in a word that is not possible to fill in. There is no option to choose among and the empty space does not react to my keyboard.

Aaaargh Duolingo I just want to relax on my one day off and learn strange Asian languages why the constant disruptions and disappointments???

I personally love it!

Don't worry,man. I've got THE solution. On desktop (Windows 10) I use this extension for Google Chrome: Dark Reader. It works perfectly, I swear. Dark mode for the whole screen. No bugs. I recommend it. Have a nice day :)

I love it cause I use an eink moitor :-)

I actually like it...

I'm not too fussed about it either. As much as I miss the blue navigation bar, I think I may be able to get used to this sooner or later. What I miss most is actually the XP graph on the side - everything looks so much more bare without it and I used that visual guidance to see my progress.

Whatever this new design is, with its elimination of levels, clubs, and apparently any way to find the full, unabbreviated names of lessons, it is causing me seriously to consider chucking my 1397 day using streak and my 11,000 lingots in the trash and giving up on this site all together. I'm not sure I could imagine a more irritating redesign.

Never mind with the white. I activated a Stylus style to make the site dark. It covered the main interface and today already handling the new menu. The app is still annoyingly white, though.

i totally agree with literally everything you said >:(

dark mode would be appreciated.

I agree. I cannot see if I have reached my goal without clicking on the fire

i hate the new update

Omigosh i agree, I look and its like, ow.

I agree 100% with the O.P.

when we asked for dark mode we were given the exact opposite

Or just change it back to how it was!!!! i really hate this new design

Yeah this is a little too bright for me.

I think they must be concerned about running out of coloured ink (note this is a joke).

I think the colours are OK, but yes, it is lacking some green. However I do like the use of hovering though it may be hard to find some things at first.

I would like to see the course pictures back, instead of just flags

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