"the woman, the women"

Translation:ka wahine, nā wāhine

May 16, 2019

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Ok so i love this app but im hawaiian and a tip, the w's are pronounced as V's


Isn't there a rule about that, where w's in front of certain letters are pronounced w or v? I can't remember which letters mean which pronunciation, but I thought I read somewhere that there was a rule about that.


Yes W at the front of a word, ie Waikiki or Wahiawa, is a W sound. If the W is between two vowels, its a Wuh (soft w) sound. All Hawaiian words end in a vowel.


But than you need to day instead of hawaii havaii but you write hawaii ? And also the same thing with wahine because it is wahine not vahine


Yes, that is the nature of letters. They correspond with sounds.

They do not necessarily correspond with the sounds expected in English.


My keyboard does not accent leetters


If you are on a phone or tablet, you can hold the key down and a menu will pop up. You can choose the vowel with the right marking. This works for every vowel except o on a samsung/android set up.


What determines if it's "ka" or "ke"?


Languages seem always to have exceptions to rules, and this rule is no exception to that, but the rule is: use "ke" if the following word starts with "a", "e", "k", or "o"; otherwise use "ka".

The mnemonic I use for this rule is "ke ao" (the cloud), which contains exactly the letters that trigger the rule and is also an application of it.


A thousand thanks for this.


Nā audio has not played in few lessons


What does wā mean???


The ā in wāhine is for more than one wahine. Most words don't seem to have a special plural form, but this important word does.


I have an android phone. Keyboard does not have accent. Help!


Long hold on the vowel key and a box will pop up with options. I use the google gboard keyboard on my android phone. It even has spelling support for many languages.


With regard to my earlier question about how one can type/select for letters having Hawaiian accents- Is there a way to do so on a HP Chromebook that would be similar to the option for German to have an additional 'e' following the umlauted vowel?? Nutzlich without the umlaut indicated, Nuetzlich with the umlaut indicated. Nutzlich coincidentally is the German word for useful, btw. Thanks for any info on this as it appears to be a big aspect of the Hawaiian language.


I was like, what the heck? But then it showed me what it meant and I understood.


My keyboard doesnt have the accent marks :(


Are you on desktop or touch screen? Touch screen will give you vowel marks if you hold the key down for a sec. Except for "o". I can't get that on android. Even tried downloading Hawaiian from At&t carrier. "Not available in my area!"


Get it on your phone, its free and easy.


My answer is correct


Where do I find the accent marks to attach?


I press until to type was witout i want i was take the phone wrong and ppush send


Okay guys, someone help me out here, what's the difference between na and ka??


Hawaiian announces plural form with "the" instead of changing the end of the noun. Ka or Ke is roughly "the, singular." (Although it is not always present in the English translation.) Nā is "the, plural" no matter if the singular was ka or ke. Bonus! Some words do change their vowel length when they become plural: ka wahine, nā wāhine; ka makua, nā mākua; ke kupuna, nā kūpuna; and so on.


Thank you so much!!

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