"Her uncle is from Oʻahu."

Translation:No Oʻahu kona ʻanakala.

May 16, 2019

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how do i know when to use kona/o ia for him/her


Think of kona in terms of possession. His/Her house. His/her parents. His/her name. His/her uncle.

No Oʻahu kona ʻanakala.

His uncle is from O'ahu.

O' ia is a pronoun meaning she/he/it.

He haumāna lōʻihi ʻo ia.

She/he is a tall student.

Hope this helps.


You use "kona" both for "him" and for "her".


Please add the audio.


The audio needs to be on the page where we are doing the "lessons." Don't need a word here and there. Need the whole sentence. It works for other languages (although some are incorrect). I had never heard of a dictionary section. Mahalo for the link, although I doubt I will go there. Just want to do the "lessons."


Aloha, e mamajelli, normally the audio, when available is included. But I'm not seeing it as I go back and repeat lessons. Instead, I use the Dictionary for not only the audio but also translations. It's a valuable resource.


Yas ur correct kona him/her


Is is technically "No o'ahu mai kona 'anakala?"

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