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  5. "Her uncle is from Oʻahu."

"Her uncle is from Oʻahu."

Translation:No Oʻahu kona ʻanakala.

May 16, 2019



how do i know when to use kona/o ia for him/her


Think of kona in terms of possession. His/Her house. His/her parents. His/her name. His/her uncle.

No Oʻahu kona ʻanakala.

His uncle is from O'ahu.

O' ia is a pronoun meaning she/he/it.

He haumāna lōʻihi ʻo ia.

She/he is a tall student.

Hope this helps.


You use "kona" both for "him" and for "her".


Yas ur correct kona him/her


Is is technically "No o'ahu mai kona 'anakala?"


Please add the audio.


The audio needs to be on the page where we are doing the "lessons." Don't need a word here and there. Need the whole sentence. It works for other languages (although some are incorrect). I had never heard of a dictionary section. Mahalo for the link, although I doubt I will go there. Just want to do the "lessons."


Aloha, e mamajelli, normally the audio, when available is included. But I'm not seeing it as I go back and repeat lessons. Instead, I use the Dictionary for not only the audio but also translations. It's a valuable resource.

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