"My friends are birds."

Translation:Ñuhyz raqirossa hontesse issi.

May 16, 2019

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why do you have to write "ñuhyz" when raqirossa starts with an "r" but you have to write "ñuhys" when it precedes raqiros? According to the explanation of solar nouns, "z" becomes "s" when they precede a word starting with an "a", "k", "p", "s", "t". Am I missing someting?


This rule you are talking about only exists in plural, in singular it is only "-ys", no matter what it precedes.


thank you very much!


"ñuhyz", for the solar plural (raqiros is singular, so it's "-ys" there anyway), is for nouns with "a vowel, h, or a voiced consonant". The "r" in High Valyrian is a voiced consonant.

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