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  5. "Mia madre è in cucina."

"Mia madre è in cucina."

Translation:My mother is in the kitchen.

April 12, 2013



Would nella cucina be acceptable here?


A native Italian speaker told me that you can say "nella cucina" and it's perfectly correct, but it's just more common to hear Italian people say "in cucina" these days.


I think there's a thing about rooms in the house and certain places such as banks etc. that do not take the definite article, so that in+room in house for example still stays as 'in' though not entirely sure of the details.


in aprile = in April in cucina = in THE kitchen

What makes the "the" difference.


Doesn't accept contraction " my mother's in....". Perfectly normal English!


The speaker definitely says ...ina cucina, as though she's from Brooklyn.


They should put native speakers for the speech


yes - is this how you're supposed to say it? I was very confused.


Bit of gender stereotyping there..


There are many examples throughout the lessons that say, "Il cuoco è in cucina." Don't get your panties or boxer shorts in a wad.


Lizzie/Camila: I agree w/ you both. If you think about it, there are really TWO stereotypes in play here: the one that's explicit, namely that women belong in the kitchen, the other implicit, namely that men don't know how to cook and so should stay out of the kitchen and leave the cooking to women. Both are incorrect and sexist and duo should be made aware of it.


This thread doesn't apply to the grammar. Additionally, your statement implies that it is improper to ever use a statement like this and it must always be the father to avoid stereotyping, when in fact, sometime mothers can be found in the kitchen.


What makes you think she's cooking in the kitchen? Maybe she's fixing some electrical appliance on the table, or looking for the husband/ wife/ children cooked for her.


There are some phrases that have become pretty common without the definite article. You can still use it and you would be right, but this discussion: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/280757 might seem familiar :)


How do I find a specific comment, such as you reference? When i click the link you've posted, I get my skill tree, no comments.


Yes. The kitchen


why not in "a" kitchen? how we know it is "the" kitchen when it is not "nella cucina"?


I imagine the point here is that everyone's seeking consistency where there isn't any. No language is fully logical/consistent, and Italian is no exception to this rule. Just keep plugging away, and in time you will pick up the rhythms and world-view of Italian. Prepositions are always the peskiest part of learning any language (I've learned Latin, French, Russian, German, Hebrew, and now Italian, so I think I can say this with some certainty!).


It's 2017, why does it have to be the mom in the kitchen?


Can I not say "at the kitchen" in english?


I have noticed that in previous examples the definite articles were notoriously used, but recently not. Ie for me it is nella cucina not in cucina. Why? Can someone please explain?


Look. Filling in an invisible "article" is nuts


Why doesn't it accept a contraction?

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