Suggestion: Add Stories/Podcasts to the Incubator

Stories and the Podcast so far have been extremely successful and are constantly requested by users in all of the languages. I find it a bit unusual that a feature like this doesn't seem to have regular updates the way the language courses do, when it's definitely an important part of the learning system for the platform.

My suggestion is a simple one, add an incubator progress section for both of them so everyone can see which languages will be getting these features next. I'm sure most longer term users like myself are particularly interested in knowing if/when Podcasts in particular will be available in their target language.

Being able to see when there's a new set of stories ready to drop would also be very exciting and motivating for everyone, I think.

Just an idea.

May 16, 2019

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Some time back a contributor said that no non-staff courses will have stories. The tools required are not available to volunteers - only staff.

May 16, 2019
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