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  5. "I pay for the friends."

"I pay for the friends."

Translation:Ich bezahle für die Freunde.

April 13, 2013



Doesn't bezahle mean "to pay for". Is the word "für" current? Wouldn't that be "Ich zahle für die Freunde" or "Ich bezahle die Freunde"?


Bezahlen can mean to "pay for something / some service" where the "for" is built in. 'Ich bezahlte den Kaffee" = "I paid for the coffee."

But when the object is a person, instead of an object / service, then it means you are paying money to that person.

"Ich bezahle die Freunde" would mean "I am paying the friends" instead of "I am paying FOR the friends.". That's why you need the "für" here.

There is a good explanation of bezahlen and zahlen here: https://german.stackexchange.com/questions/7097/when-to-use-bezahlen-and-when-zahlen


Why should I use 'die' instead of 'den'? Isn't it dative case?


It's plural. den Freund - die Freunde


I know it is plural, what I mean is why use the article 'die' (nominative and acusative) cases instead of 'den'(dative case). Your constuction is on the acusative case. But thanks :)


In plural, "den Freund" becomes "die Freunde".


Yes yes... I appreciate your help, but I'm asking why is it acusative instead of dative, not wether is it singular or plural. I edited my previous comment so it wouldn't be confusing. Your construction is correct, but that's not what I am talking about.


Ah, my bad. I'm not very good at explaining.

"für" always takes the accusative. It has nothing to do with the dative.


Must be one lonely person if they must pay for friends.


Can you say "Ich bezahle den Freunden" and bypass using "für" altogether, without losing the meaning of the sentence?


No, i just did it and was told "für" must be included as well.


But why? Doesn't bezahle already mean pay for?


I put zahle wich was marked incorrect. Dictionary gives both bezahle and zahle as verbs meaning 'to pay for'


für=Accussative preposition

Ich gebeihr einen Kuss(I give her a kiss)

Kuss=direct object ihr=indirect object


I got another sentence wrong for using "fur" after "bezahlen", now I get this one wrong for not using "fur" after bezahle". I don't understand this at all. What is the problem? Duolingo told me that the "fur" was implied with "bezahlen". The implied "fur" doesn't seem to count now?

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