There are too many practice repetitions of the same words

Why there are so many units in each lessen. There are eight sentence in each round and between 5- 25 lessons. That means you have to answer 200 times to pass from one lesson to the next. These is very tiresome and boring. I do not think that we need this many repetitions. If you could develop a test for each lesson, then we could take the test and by-pass the repetitions. The test does not need to be clocked. Thanks

May 17, 2019


But this many repetitions makes you sick.

May 17, 2019

The first time we read something, we try to understand it. The second time we remember it (exactly or sometimes almost exactly). The subsequent times no longer serve to understand but to assimilate, so as to make it natural for us. Ask a musician how many times he repeated a musical scale: ask a doctor how many times he repeated a surgical manoeuvre... We understand quickly, but in my humble opinion every assimilation needs repetition,

May 19, 2019
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