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  5. "Kahless was a great hero."

"Kahless was a great hero."

Translation:Sub'a' ghaH qeylIS'e'.

May 17, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Question: If this sentence is in the past tense, shouldn't we mark ghaH with the suffix -pu'?


    Perhaps it depends on your mindset. If you think of the heroism of qeylIS as a finite event that is done and burried with him, then I suppose a -pu' suffix could be appropriate. But I think of the heroism of qeylIS as being something that has no beginning or end and lives on through the ages - a state that exists, not an action that occurred. That being said, please remember that in this course we will use the English perfect tenses (using "has", "have", "had", or "will have") when we want you to add the perfective suffixes to the Klingon verb.

    [deactivated user]

      Of course! Thanks so much for your feedback! <3

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