"Ein Verband ist sinnvoll."

Translation:An alliance is reasonable.

April 13, 2013

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"alliance wasn't given as a choice translation of this word


I don't think the translation choices are meant as a definitive list of all possible translations. They only give three choices for a word.

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    It can be something completely different, I give an example:

    The doctor says to the nurse after inspecting the patients wound: "A bandage is useful (here)".

    "Ein Verband waere hier sinnvoll", "Ein Verband waere hier angebracht"

    But there are lots of other meanings of "Verband".

    Bricklayer use this to differentiate between the different ways to lay bricks {bracing}, it can be an: association, organization, society, club, union, syndicate, federation, bracing, plaster, strapping, bandage etc.


    Exactly. I think you meant to reply to nanspeakdeutsch.

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      Yep, I should have referred to nan.

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      Report the problem you noticed. In any case, 'alliance' was mentioned in my dictionary.

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        I answered: "A bandage is useful" and it came good.


        Hello. So does "sinnvoll" mean "useful" or "reasonable" or both?


        It can mean either, or both, depending on the context.


        Sinn means sense, so the literal translation of "... ist Sinnvoll" would be "... makes sense"


        Coalition marked wrong. It's used for politics in Australia. eg a coalition of two political parties.


        I inserted 'association' and it worked out.


        "A bandage is sensible." was accepted.


        When used in this sense, Verband is the same as Verein?


        I don't think so (but interesting question!) A marriage can be described as a union, not a club. The European Union is not exactly a club (although some might use that word, they are stretching the meaning of the word club to make a point.) I'm interested in what a native speaker thinks about it.

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