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RE: Most Students' Passwords Can Not Be Reset Anymore

Normally, if a student needs to have their password reset, it has been easy to do so through my Duolingo for Schools account. There have been times when the username needed to be reset as well. I would log on to the students account using the username listed under their name from Duolingo for Schools and the reset password, before going into Settings and changing their username as well.

Lately, I have not been able to reset any of my students' passwords and a large number of students had their accounts lock them out. I assumed they did not log off and perhaps another student reset their password but through monitoring, I discovered that students who were logging off appropriately continued to have their accounts lock them out. We have been unsuccessful in logging them back on as we have in the past. Is there some sort of glitch in the system, perhaps? I noticed that their Duolingo page has had updates so it's worth investigating.

May 17, 2019



This is something that is currently being investigated as I've noticed a number of reports on this issue. I hope to update everyone who has experienced this as soon as possible.

You have my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.


Yes, please let us know if there’s a fix to this. I haven’t been able to update my students’ passwords in weeks. This is really tricky as many of them forget their passwords regularly, and do not know the passwords to their email accounts for password reset retrieval (most of them use their parents’ email addresses).

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