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Duplicate "[name] suggested an edit" in Stream

I've noticed that I get duplicate entries in my Stream when someone I am following suggests an edit for one of my translations.

This seems to be a bug, where one of the suggested edits has been posted to my Stream (fair enough, otherwise how would I know?), but the second is a reflection of what's in the Stream of the person I'm following.

If I stop following the person who suggested the edit, one of the entries in my Stream disappears. When I resume following, the duplicates return.

Please fix it.

July 18, 2012



@Gumbee - I've just tried. Create an original translation of a sentence (1 version). Now edit the original yourself (2 versions). Now get someone else to suggest an edit and accept the edit (3 versions). So, no matter how bad your original translation, and how much you and others try to correct it, you just keep adding more fuel to the fire. Seems like a bug to me. If you know your first attempt was bad, you should be able to delete it.


@1km, that's interesting because a couple of times I have received a message in my stream that says "Gumbee thinks Gumbee's translation is very good" and wondered how I could have possibly rated my own translation.

I sent a feedback to Duo during the beta asking if there was a way to make the most recent, edited translation the only one, but never heard back, so I assumed it was intended that way. Meaning, that the worst of the worst would eventually sink to the bottom, but it doesn't appear to be working that way. I also wondered whether a translation that has received a vote can't be deleted (some programming related thing), but at the very least, if I catch an error right after I've submitted something, I would like the original to disappear.


Same issue. Sometimes the edit doesn't get applied either when I hit accept. I've been suggested edits for the same typo three times.


@Kelvinsong - Ah, I've noticed that too. Maybe it depends which edit you try to apply, the suggested edit - or the reflection?


What I've noticed is that even if you edit a translation, your original one(s) stay in the system. I'm guessing here, but I think Duo randomly puts translations up for grading, so even if you've fixed a mistake, the original seems to still pop up from time to time. I personally wish I could make almost all of my original translations from 6 months ago go away. I've gone back and corrected them, but I still receive edit suggestions on the originals.


Further to my test results for Gumbee, it would seem that Accept does create a new version of the sentence, but you will never see it. If you re-click on the suggested edit that you have previously accepted, DuoLingo still shows you the ORIGINAL translation - giving the impression that the suggested edit hasn't been accepted. In fact, all the edits are there under "Other peoples translations" (but you can't see them yourself, or you could go on to rate your own).


Same issue here - I've started to ignore correction suggestions to translations that have already been corrected, but it leaves an impression of sloppiness, and that really annoys me.

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