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  5. "Nós não vemos o macarrão."

"Nós não vemos o macarrão."

Translation:We do not see the pasta.

April 13, 2013



Shouldn't the translation read 'We do not see the noodles'?


"Noodles" accepted now; however "macarrão" is indeed the word for "macaroni" in Portugal but that is not yet accepted.

And in general (Europe/North America at least), macaroni is a type of pasta but pasta is not a noodle... pasta is extruded while noodles are rolled flat and cut (there are a few other distinctions but that one is key). Well, of course in Brazil they have their own ideas. =]

And indeed in Portugal "massa" covers both pasta and noodles.


Spaghetti though is espaguete/esparguete in both BR & EU PT:


[deactivated user]

    I just wish to mention how much I appreciate your inputs. They are extremely valuable for students like myself who also wish to learn Portuguese from Portugal. Obrigado!


    Thank you for letting me know Serge-MTL. It gives some meaning to the effort. I am glad you find them helpful. :)


    What´s the difference between "macarrão" and "massa", but translated as "pasta"?


    Macarrão is a specific kind of massa.(macaroni, spaghetti). "Massa" is general. But it is also related to dough (we say "preciso fazer a massa de macarrão"), mass of people (sometimes the lower class).... we have many expressions involving massa


    Macarrão is commonly called "noodles" in English. =)


    Is there a reason that "We do not see to the pasta/noodles" is incorrect? It is in the definition text for vemos here. ("See to" In the sense of making sure they are taken care of or tended, e.g. prepared properly or the leftovers being packed up?)

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