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  5. "What date is your birthday?"

"What date is your birthday?"

Translation:ʻO ka lā ʻehia kou lā hānau?

May 18, 2019



"ʻO ka lā ..." - "Aia ka lā ..." How do you know which to use? There must be a rule, or at least an indicator I'm missing. Can someone give me a hint please?


What date is your birthday? - 'O...

On what date is your birthday? Aia ...


Seriously! Makemake Nui au i kōkua. Otherwise I'm never gonna finish this section. Surely there's a rule I'm thus far unable to discern. Kokua mai e ʻoluʻolu.


"'O ka lā 'ehia ka lā hānau o Keoki?" was incorrect on the last pattern I had on the other exercise but "ʻO ka lā ʻehia kou lā hānau?" is correct here. I think that they both should be correct this one for this time and the last one for the last.

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