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  5. "Neha never cries."

"Neha never cries."

Translation:नेहा कभी नहीं रोती।

May 18, 2019



Bottling up emotions is not healthy for you, Neha.


why is the है sometimes included and sometimes not? are both possible, or is there a method to determining when it should be included and when left out?

  1. In negative present tense sentences with नहीं, the है is optional. You can either use it or drop it. The exception is when the sentence has no other verb except है in which case it should be retained.

  2. In sentences with चाहिए, the है is dropped.

  3. In other types of present-tense sentences, you can't drop the है.


"Is Neha kabi roti nahi" wrong?


seriously what is even the difference if we switch "नहीं" and "रोती"

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