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  5. "Твоя кровать около двери."

"Твоя кровать около двери."

Traducción:Tu cama está cerca de la puerta.

May 18, 2019

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Cual es la diferencia entre около y близко

  • Около - pretexto - Justo al lado de algo
  • Близко - adverbio - Cerca


Y si puedo agregar: cuál es la diferencia con возле


Возле = около


Tengo la misma interrogante que Jenny: la diferencia entre "около" y "близко". Gracias.


Mal! около=al lado


Copio y pego por si fuera de interes:

возле means 'next to/by/near some physical entity': возле дома, возле машины, возле города.

около has the same meaning in general, but can additionally have connotation of 'around/approximately/about' when referring to quantities: Водитель уже ждал нас около (возле) машины. The driver was already waiting for us by the car. Давай встретимся около двух часов дня. Let's meet around two o'clock. В банке оставалось около литра воды. There was about a litre of water remaining in the jar. Also, consider the idiomatic expression "ходить вокруг да около" ("to wander around and about the matter without actually getting into that").

близ is rather bookish, and is generally used in fiction when speaking about locations (близ города, близ этого места). Additionally, it assumes some extra distance to the subject, unlike 'next to', so 'near' is the correct counterpart here. One won't encounter it standalone in everyday speech.


¿Cómo se diría cerca de las puertas, en plural?


около дверей

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