Trying to find a Southern Vietnamese speaker to converse and learn with

Is this a thing? Would anybody like to chat? I know immersion will help with my understanding and I'd like to link up with someone.

Please send help.

May 19, 2019


i am live in viet nam. skype ntnguyen28

May 19, 2019

sai ngữ pháp cơ bản thế kia thì lmsao mà học với họ được haha

July 3, 2019

chào bạn tôi là người Việt Nam tôi sẵn lòng giúp bạn

June 11, 2019


July 19, 2019

toi muon hoc

May 19, 2019

em nói tiếng việt nè

May 19, 2019


May 19, 2019

I am a southern vietnamese speaker. I was born in Vinh Long city. Nice to meet you :3

May 23, 2019

hello. I want to talk with you. I'm from VietNam.

May 25, 2019

I'm live in Đà Nẵng City, in the Central of Vietnam, can we be friends ? It was great meeting you <3

May 30, 2019

It'll be my pleasure to help you! Do you have a Skype account? Here's mine: Ram Young.

May 31, 2019

Hi, skype:

June 2, 2019

I'm really to help you... add my skype

June 6, 2019

Hi,My name is Hung,I am 12 year old,I live in Hanoi city(in VietNam),I can speak english and vietnamese.nice too meet you.

June 8, 2019

Check out the Vietnamese learning channel on discord.

June 8, 2019

Hello, I'm Loan and I am living in Ho Chi Minh city. Nice to meet you and May I help you? :)

June 14, 2019

hi there :)) I'm a real Southern Vietnamese speaker :)

June 28, 2019

Just a cute girl posting here, and the whole Vietnamese community is lit up :v

July 19, 2019
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