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  5. "Play with me."

"Play with me."

Translation:मेरे साथ खेलो।

May 19, 2019



When you say MUJHSE it needs to be Mujhse khelo which does not sound grammatically correct ,But when you say Mere sath khelo it means Play with me . If you translate mujhse khelo it becomes Play to me which makes the subject not agree to the verb . That follows in Hindi too.


why is it मेरे and not मुझसे ?


You can think of it like If you have to translate Play with me with this car.

It will be मेरे साथ इस गाड़ी से खेलो|

So "मेरे" --> I will be performing an action too मुझसे (गाड़ी से) --> action will be performed on me (car)

I hope this helps a little


If you say mujhse khelo with mean play with me meaning play with my body kind of thing and would be awkward

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