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  5. "These apples are hard."

"These apples are hard."

Translation:Apel-apel ini keras.

May 20, 2019



I know apel-apel is plural, but should "apel ini keras" be marked wrong?


I know apel-apel is plural, but should "apel ini keras" be marked wrong?

Yes, I think that you should reduplicate.
The English sentence is very specific.
It uses a determiner, so it's about specific apples, these apples (not apples in general), and it uses the plural form.

Apel-apel ini keras = These apples are hard.
Apel ini keras = This apple is hard.


I am sure Duolingo uses nonduplicative uses that are both specific and plural. I found the nonduplicative uses very confusing, in some cases both plural and nonplural anwsers where both correct.

Honestly it makes the indo language look a mess, which it is a bit.


Isn't every language a bit of a mess?


Even me as a native speaker, still miss this. I think we almost never uses "apel-apel" in real life. More like "semua apel ini" which means "all of these apples"


Why can't i answer with "apel2"?


Probably because thats like the slang text form of saying it And you wouldnt say "apel dua" irl so


It's grammatically incorrect

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