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  5. "I like this cup."

"I like this cup."

Translation:Mir gefällt diese Tasse.

April 13, 2013



What's the difference between this and "Ich mag diese Tasse"? And why is it dative?


I can't answer the different between using "mögen" and "gefallen," but you use dative here because it's literally saying "This cup is pleasing to me" or "This cup appeals to me" - in which "me" is an indirect object i.e. the dative case.


Wouldn't "Diese Tasse gefällt mir" also be correct? What would be the instances where the change would be OK? We had "Mir geht es gut" which is exchangeable with "Es geht mir gut" before...


That's also correct.


Thanks. These discussions are a big help in clearing things up, because I was marked wrong.


Agree, I used the same, I'm gonna report this translation


Because of inflection in German, the word order can be switched around without changing the meaning. From what I've gathered, the word order is changed depending on what you would like to emphasize. I don't know enough German yet to really understand how the emphasis works though!

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