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Starting Hindi

I want to learn Hindi. Is there anything I should know about the course before I begin? It seems like a very interesting language to learn but I don't know hardly anything about the language. Are there any tips you could give me as well?

May 20, 2019



Actually it has a different script but not that difficult if you try it.


It is a easy language to learn Though I speak hindi at home my friends who don't know anything find it really easy compared to other languages .


Thats good to know


I found the hardest thing was learning the syllabary (the "alphabet"). Obviously you can learn a language without ever learning to read or write that language. However the way Duolingo sets up the course, it will be very important to have a good grasp of the script. This will allow you to sound out words that you have not seen before or words that you have forgotten. This ability will greatly speed your learning, as you won't need to memorize what each word "looks like." Instead you just need to remember what each word sounds like, which is easier for your brain. Many of the grammar lessons I felt I understood well after just two or three "levels," but I've gone through all the letters lessons many many times past "gold level" to try to learn them as best I can.

Otherwise I would say Hindi seems fairly straightforward in comparison to other languages I've studied in the past; easier than Spanish and about equal with Kiswahili. But I'm only about a third of the way through the full course, so I'm sure it will get more difficult once I get into the other 12?! tenses.


Thank you for this! Good to know.


hey wow! sounds like you are working really hard


I understand that but when you go to tenses it gets complicated Bhooth kaal itself has 6 divisions , Vartaman kaal has 3 and bhavishya kaal has 5 divisions but once you get a hang of it , it will be easy . Also see some hindi videos to gain knowledge of the use in daily life or if you have a hindi class / club go for it .


After learning Hindi please visit our incredible India . You will love it.


I am currently on the alphabet skills and I don't work on this course a lot. Some letters don't have the correct audio and it confuses me sometimes. There are some Memrise courses on the Devanagari script for Hindi that teaches the correct pronunciation of the letters, and I use that to help me. The course overall is too short with only 32 skills (shorter than Tree 1.0 of the Japanese course) and it was in development for around 3 years, plus people are saying it has a lot of errors which I haven't experienced beyond alphabet skills. It's disappointing considering that it is pretty popular on Duolingo and the number of users learning Hindi is growing a lot every day (840K learners as of May 25, 2019), exceeding a couple of courses in number of users. Soon it will surpass Hebrew, Polish, Irish, and even High Valyrian, Greek, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese and Russian on that front.

With the number of learners growing at a fast pace, I sure hope Duo and the contributors for the Hindi course will work on correcting the errors and work on an extension to the tree up to around 90 skills very soon. They can't leave the course as it stands now if more than 1 million people are learning it.


नमस्ते! Hindi is a fun language to learn. The Devanagari script is different, but it becomes easier the more you practice it. I wish you success with your Hindi studies

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